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What do I have to do if I want to change my study programme?
This can only be done within the same fields of study, using a form to be submitted through Neptune, where you must explain why you want to change your study programme. You can change your study programme only at the same level of training, no more than once. For more information, see the Study and Examination Regulation. 
I applied for a scholarship at the time of my admission, but it failed. In this case I no longer have access to free education?

If you fail to qualify for the first free position but you have been admitted to Corvinus, you will be eligible to apply for the Corvinus Scholarship again in the subsequent year within the framework of reclassification, based on your academic performance. Those who are not eligible for free education can apply for state-funded, interest-free pre-financing through the Student Loan Centre.

What does the HÖK answer function mean and what can I use it for?

By clicking on the HÖK answer button a pop-up window will be displayed, where you can send messages to the Student Union directly. Within the pop-up window, you can select a subject (to which the message is related) from the drop-down menu, but you must enter your full name, e-mail address (the CUSMAN ID will be filled in automatically) and the text of the message. When you click on the Send button the system will send the message to HÖK. By clicking the "Frequently Asked Questions" icon in the text of the pop-up window you will reach the HÖK FAQ.

What assistance does the university provide for students with special needs and disabilities?
All University buildings are accessible. Based on the decision of the Disability Committee and subject to an appropriate expert opinion, the University grants the right to partial or total exemption from study and examination requirements for students with health disabilities, and to fulfil the requirements in some other way. You can find more information and contact information for disability coordinators here.
What is an application for equity?

There are two types of equity, dean’s and rector’s equity. Both are subject to a fee and they must be assessed within 15 days. The purpose of a request for dean's and rector's equity is to judge disputes which are contrary to any point of the Requirements for Students and are not the consequence of the student’s fault.

When can I apply for equity?

You can submit your request at any time, with the exception of requests for a signature, waiver of training and exit requirements, cancellation the consequences of disciplinary punishment, approval of more than the maximum number of exams, and exemptions in cases that are attributable to student misconduct.

What happens if I fail to complete a subject?

You have two more opportunities to register for a failed subject in the semester when it becomes available again. In a special case, when you have not used all six available exam options, you can request registration for the subject for the fourth time by applying for equity. A given subject is usually offered annually; and it is important to note that failure to complete optional subjects has no consequences, and you do not have to re-register for them.

What about national scholarships in the new environment (e.g. National Higher Education, ÚNKP)?

The terms and conditions of application for these scholarships are set forth in the National Higher Education Act and the relevant implementing decrees. The University aims to enable prospective students to continue to apply for these scholarships, regardless of the form of financing.  For the institution as a whole, the reformed Corvinus will continue to be eligible for state and Community (EU) funding, in particular for special scholarship programmes (e.g., the Stipendium Hungaricum programme) and funding to support scientific research.

What is a VPN and how do I connect to it?
The virtual private network of Corvinus University of Budapest, which provides secure internet access for all users. Since you can connect to it in different ways with different devices.   
What is HÖK?

The Student Union (Hungarian abbreviation: HÖK) of Corvinus University of Budapest is a democratic organisation elected by the citizens of the University to represent the interests of its students. They welcome any concern raised are welcomed and deal with as much as possible. You can find HÖK on Facebook and on the university website.

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