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P.E. classes requirements

Additional information due to Covid pandemic situation

Extra information for the semester 2020/21/2

  • You will find detailed information about the P.E. courses on Neptun/Teams/Moodle (more courses will be held at real time on Teams, sometimes with additional uploaded training lessons)
  •  the first class on the first week (from 8th February) will be held on Teams at real time – teachers will inform you about the requirements and fulfilment of the P.E. course. (except hiking and kayak-canoe courses – students of this courses will receive written information)
  • Please contact your teacher in case you have any question about the semester and to check all the requirements and terms of fulfilment of the courses and please check regularly Teams and Moodle and Neptun for more information.
  • Courses for extra charge in this semester: yoga, stretching, salsa, hip-hop and zumba

In case we continue the semester in hybrid form (P.E. courses will be held again in dance hall/sports hall etc):

  • In case you miss a class, you can make up it only on the extra classes – for more information please check the website or contact your P.E. teacher.
  • Classes start with lower headcount – keeping distance of 1,5-2 meter is necessary. Teacher will check body temperatur at the beginning of the classes.
  • The dressing-room can be used 1 student / 1 bench to minimize physical contact; hand desinfectant will be available before and after classes
  • Student statement about actual state of health is necessary (Neptun) 
  • On certain classes use of gloves and towels are necessary. 
  • Used sports equipment will be regularly desinfected before and after classes.

Not strated courses due to the Covid pandemic situation


Ballroom dancing 


Clip dance


Folk dance



General informations – for the current information please see “Additional information due to Covid pandemic situation” 


Register code for 2020/21/2 semester: TES_TESTNEVF

There are 2 types of P.E. classes:
Courses for free:

crossfit, body toning workout, soccer, floorball, funktional training, running, jujutsu, basketball, kayak-canoe, gym, folk dance, pilates, ping-pong, volleyball, step aerobic, spinal exercises, badminton, TRX, hiking, swimming, gymnastics to music

Courses for extra charge:

tennis, stretching, yoga (to be paid through NEPTUN), aikido, judo, ballroom dancing, zumba, salsa, clip dance, hip-hop (to be paid on the class to the teacher)

For BSc students:

PE is an obligatory subject, you HAVE TO complete two courses during your first two academic years.

You can only register for one PE course a semester through Neptun system.

For the first time you can register only for free classes or tennis or stretching.

After one fulfilled P.E. semester would be possible to register for the courses for extra charge, too: yoga, aikido, judo, ballroom dancing, zumba, salsa, clip dance, hip-hop.

IMPORTANT! Should a student miss two classes at the beginning of the semester, her/his name will be automatically deleted by the teacher.

For MSc students or BSc students who fulfilled already two P.E. semester:

You CAN attend at “free” P.E. classes, if you would like to, WITH registration through the Neptun system for 5.000,- HUF registration fee.
Payment procedure is:

Finances/Payment/Transcribe Item/Payment titles: Service/Terms: 2020/21/1 /Service Type: Fee for Physical Education class (5.000 ,- HUF)/Create Item/Transfer

Conditions of acceptance
  • active class participation (please don’t be late!)
  • During a semester you can miss five classes. You have to make up for three of them. Please ask your PE teacher about the make-up possibilities.
  • Please make up for your missed classes in short time (two weeks). Don’t postpone it until the final weeks of the semester.
  • You can even make up for your classes IN ADVANCE.
  • You can only take part in one PE class per day, regardless of whether it’s a regular or a make-up class. At a make-up class, please ask your PE teacher for a written confirmation.
  • There aren’t any make-up possibilities in the last two weeks of the semester.
  • For the classes held in the sports hall it is recommended to bring a towel to cover the gym mat with, because of health reasons. For the same reasons it is obligatory to use a towel in the gym.

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