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Tarkaréti Dormitory

The Dormitory accommodating 400 persons is located in the green belt of District 10 of Budapest, 15 minutes from the Metro Terminal of the Blue Line (Kőbánya-Kispest) and that of the Red Line (Örs Vezér square). The dormitory is one of the most important venues for integration into the University community and establishing lifelong friendships.

The building is constantly being renovated and improved, and a significant part of the Dormitory rooms have been rejuvenated during renovations in recent years. As a result, the entire side for girls awaits its future residents with new rooms. In 2020, the building also received new windows and external thermal insulation.

Residents in the Dormitory are accommodated on five levels in rooms with three beds, which include: an entrance hall, a washroom with hot and cold water, a wardrobe and refrigerator. Internet connection endpoints can be found in each room, and also a WiFi network is operated. On each floor above the ground floor there is a women’s bathroom and a men’s bathroom (with showers and toilets) and a kitchen equipped with two electric stoves and a microwave oven. We provide washing and drying facilities on the ground floor.

In addition, the Dormitory has its own library where board games can be borrowed. There is also a computer room and a study room. As a sports facility, the well-equipped gym, renovated in 2017, awaits those who want to work out.

Beer pong tournaments, joint parties, cooking, social evenings and other events help students establish strong friendships that last for many years. In addition, the Dormitory atmosphere allows for the smoothest possible advancement in university studies. Through joint groups and friendships, students in the Dormitory have much more opportunities to ask their fellow students for help with a current problem with their studies or some other problem, and due to spatial proximity, help usually arrives extremely quickly.

All in all, the youthful, liberated atmosphere of the Tarkaréti Dormitory provides an ideal space for new university students to build relationships, to start their independent lives, and gain lifelong experiences.   

Useful Information

Reception Service

  • Phone number: +36 1 262 4511
  • There is a reception service of 0-24 hours in the building.
  • Receptionists ensure, by checking the photo on entrance cards, that the persons using them are the rightful cardholders indeed; and they briefly check the identity of residents entering the Dormitory.
  • An entrance card may only be used by the person authorized to use it, and handing it over to others will result in a disciplinary procedure.
  • Incoming guests, technical faults and washing machine usage can be registered at the Reception.
  • There is a first aid box at the Reception.
  • You can borrow cleaning tools (broom, shovel, mop, vacuum cleaner, iron) at the reception by depositing your entrance card. 

Entrance Control System

  • The dormitory has a turnstile entrance system operated with an entrance card. An entrance card is given to each resident when moving in the dormitory.
  • Residents are required to use their cards when entering or leaving the building; stepping over or crawling under the entrance system or transferring an entrance card to anybody else is FORBIDDEN!
  • When entering, you must place your entrance card in front of the reader built in the turnstile; and then receptionists ensure, by checking the photo on entrance cards, that the persons using them are the rightful cardholders indeed; and briefly check the identity of residents entering the dormitory. Then you can ask receptionists for your room keys.
  • In case of losing the card, please write a letter to the e-mail address tarkakolititkarsag@uni-corvinus.hu, so that our system administrator may issue a new card to you for a fee. 

Rules of Receiving Visitors

  • Residents may receive visitors free of charge every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (up to three individuals; above three, a written permission is required).
  • A Resident may receive a maximum of one visitor every day from 11 pm to 7 am with the unanimous consent of the resident’s roommate(s).
  • The fee for receiving a visitor is included in the Regulation on Student Fees and Benefits (HUF 1,500/person/occasion).
  • Such registration/invoicing will be based on a register maintained by the Reception Service (Register of Visitors), which must be filled in and signed by residents when giving notification of their intention to receive visitors.
  • The Register of Visitors at the Reception must be maintained in such a way that the name, room number, and Neptun code of the Resident receiving a visitor and the exact dates of the calendar days and the exact timing affected by the visit can be clearly identified, and it must be signed by the Resident upon receiving the visitor concerned. The name of the visitor and the number of the certificate with photo used for verifying the visitor’s identity must also be entered in the Register.
  • The visitor may receive a temporary guest entrance card, and thus the visitor can stay in the Dormitory
  • The Resident receiving the visitor is fully responsible for the visitor’s behaviour.
  • A Resident may receive visitors at maximum of 15 occasions per month for a fee, one person at a time, and a visitor may remain in the Dormitory for a maximum of three times a week for a fee. In case of violating this rule, the Resident may not receive a visitor involving fee payment in the month following the month of the violation.
  • A Resident who seriously violates the Rules of Receiving Visitors may be restricted in, or banned from, receiving visitors for a definite period of time; and a visitor who violates the Rules of Receiving Visitors or the House Rules may be excluded from being received, or, in more serious cases, such visitor’s entry into the Dormitory may be restricted.
  • If, during an inspection, Dormitory employees find a visitor staying in the building without a permit, then the Resident receiving the visitor may be given a penalty point. Any individual staying inside without permission may be banned from the Dormitory.
  • Minor visitors may be received by a resident only if the visitor is a direct relative (e.g., sibling) of the resident receiving the visitor and the parents or legal representatives have given their written consent to receiving the visitor. For receiving minor visitors, the Dormitory administrator’s permission and roommates’ written statements of consent are also required. Even with certificates and permissions obtained, minor visitors may be accommodated only in rooms inhabited by residents of the same gender. 

Privacy Policy – Camera Surveillance


The nearest medical consulting centre is located at 19 Hárslevelű street. You can look for Dr. Gabriella Huszár with any health problem.

Consulting hours:

  • Monday 12:00 a.m. – 03:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday 08:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday 03:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.
  • Thursday 08:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • Friday 08:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. 

Mental health, psychologist

Mental health professionals at Student Support provide individual counseling free of charge for all Corvinus University students on psychology, learning, and career topics.

Information about counseling: here

Counseling sessions are not for handling healthcare or immediate care situations. In case immediate assistance is needed for you or someone you know:

  • In case of suicidal intention or a medical emergency, call 112, which is the national emergency number.
  • If you are in a crisis and you have suicidal thoughts, seek help Péterfy Hospital Crisis Ambulance

Address: Budapest, 1074. Alsóerdősor street 7.
Call by phone: +3670 934 1051 (Mon-Fri: 9:00-15:00)
By email: intervencio@peterfykh.hu


The Dormitory Library occupies the space of the lounge area of the second floor, where you can choose from more than 3,500 books, 300 of which have been purchased in the last two years. All residents of the Dormitory may use the Library free of charge. Library Regulation

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 09:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday 09:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday 09:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday 09:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 


Outside the city, on the border of Rákoskeresztúr, there is a Tesco store (“Pesti street Tesco”). It’s worth getting here by bus. Buses 161 and 162 also stop nearby, and you have to get off at the stop called “509th street“. You can also find a Tesco store at the Pillangó street Metro stop. If you get out of the subway, go over Kerepesi út and also a smaller park next to it. From here you will already see the destination.
You’ll find an Interspar in the Árkád Shopping Centre and a Match in the Sugár Shopping Centre, both at Örs vezér square. If you like home-made flavours, you will love Cédrus Market Hall right next to the bus stop at Örs vezér square. 

Computer Room

You can find the Computer Room, or as we call it “Gépterem” (machine room), on the first floor opposite the elevator, the entrance is to the left. Here you will find computers that facilitate your studies and, if necessary, your entertainment, for which the Dormitory has sacrificed a lot of money and energy, so it is in everyone’s interest to take care of them.

Opening Hours:

The Computer Room is constantly open. If the Computer Room is closed (which is quite rare), there is certainly a technical reason for it. In this case, look around the door for an information paper about the expected opening.

Entrance to the Computer Room:
You can only enter the Computer Room with your entrance card, by touching the entrance control on the right side of the door (the procedure is the same when coming out). Caution: you can enter and exit the Room with your card only once, so you cannot pull it down twice in a row, because the system detects as if you are already inside – so it will not let you in again. Persons using the Computer Room are required to keep their entrance cards with them, meaning that the two of you cannot walk with one entrance card, the more so because if one of you leaves the Computer Room, the other will no longer be able to get out. Liability for the Computer Room (also financially!) will be borne by those who are in the Room at a given time according to the records of the system. Do not swap different hardware components (mouse, keyboard, speaker, etc.) between machines, as they are not accidentally connected to a given machine.

There is a camera surveillance system in the Computer Room. This protects the Computer Room and we will retrieve recordings only if they are needed to solve any problem.

Computers in the Computer Room can be used in the following order of priority:

  • Work (word processing, spreadsheets, programming, Neptun, etc.)
  • Using the Internet
  • Game, other

If you don’t want to play but want to work, ask someone who is currently playing or using the Internet to hand over the machine to you. If he/she is unwilling to do so, feel free to contact the System Administrator, who will use a stick to accentuate your request.

You can use the computers with the Júzer user id. First of all, make sure that the computer is turned on (if so, then at least one LED on the keyboard is usually lit, there may be an image on the display, and air is being blown out at the back, and things like that. If you can’t decide, you can also move the mouse to see if it wakes up). If nothing changes, turn it on with the power button on the front of the computer. After a while, the computer boots up and, optimally, you can see a list of users on the screen.

Please note that the computers will switch off automatically after 30 minutes of idling (i.e. if no activity is detected for a long time). Take this into account when using the computers. To avoid this when, for instance, watching a film, it’s worth moving the mouse from time to time. The shutdown process starts after the elapse of 29 minutes and after that, in the last one minute, you can only save any open jobs – there is no way to interrupt the shutdown process.

If you no longer use the machine, do the following:

  • Close all running applications.
  • If someone wants to use the computer right after you, then simply log out, which you can do with the Start Menu Logout command.
  • If no one is waiting for the computer, you can also choose the Start Menu – Shutdown line, and the computers will soon shut down automatically.


  • to smoke;
  • to eat and drink (This also means that it is FORBIDDEN to bring food and drink into the Computer Room !!!);
  • to install any software on computers (if you want something, contact the System Administrator!);

We also ask everyone not to leave any trash behind! Including papers used for your studies/work! 

Accessing the Internet


  • We tried to design the Dormitory’s WiFi network so that it would be available in all rooms – and this is the case in most rooms.
  • The network is encrypted and has many filters, so it is FORBIDDEN to connect to the network without registering with the System Administrator.
  • Anyone who moves into the Dormitory can request the System Administrator to provide access to the WiFi, if their computer has a WiFi card capable to be connected.


  • To connect to the computer network without authorisation and to carry out any illegal activity by using it.
  • To attack the network or network devices in any way.
  • To share the network connection in any way (either through router or computer).
  • To operate your own WiFi network.
  • To use file sharing software on the network (dc, torrent, etc.). Such act will result in a one-month suspension of the service and will be reported immediately to the staff of the IT Service Centre of Corvinus in addition to the leadership of the Dormitory. The user concerned may expect further legal action on the part of the University, the consequences of which must also be borne by the user who violates this rule.
  • To upload more than 5Gb or download more than 50Gb per week from the Internet (there is no unlimited internal network traffic).

In case of violation of the above, the service will be suspended for a certain period of time, which will not result in a refund of the fee paid for the service. The disabling of the user cannot be postponed, it will take effect immediately. 

Reporting Faults

Please report any technical faults found upon moving in, or during the year, to the leadership of the Dormitory by writing to the e-mail address tarkakoli@uni-corvinus.hu, or they can be reported in the Maintenance Booklet you can find at the Reception.


Cleaning Tools

  • broom and shovel
  • bucket and mop
  • iron
  • vacuum cleaner 

Washing Facilities

The Dormitory has a laundry room on the ground floor with four washing machines and a dryer. The machines are operated with special coins, what you can ask from the reception.  Everyone is requested to use the Washing Booklet placed at the Reception to make it easier to plan washing activities.

Study Room

There is a study room next to the lobby on the ground floor of the Dormitory, which is constantly available to residents. You can get the key to the study room at the Reception by depositing your Dormitory card

The Dormitory will bear no liability for any items left unattended in the study room.  


There is a well-equipped gym in the basement. The gym can be used upon registration by the residents of the Dormitory for HUF 7,500 per semester. To use the gym, the relevant gym regulations must be accepted.

Bicycle Storage Room

A bicycle storage room key can be requested at the Dormitory Reception.

Computer Room

The Computer Room is located on the 1st floor of the Dormitory, entry is possible with the Dormitory card. To use the Room, the relevant Computer Room regulations must be accepted. It is available for an unlimited use.


The basketball court is located in the paved area in front of the Dormitory. The quality of the asphalt is not the best, but the boards are perfectly fine, so with good company or even alone you can have a good rest in the Dorm by playing basketball. If you don’t have a ball, you can ask for one at the reception.

Soccer field – Yard

There is a soccer field in the grassy area behind the Dormitory. Not much is used lately, as Dormitory residents tend to play in the area surfaced by asphalt next to the basketball court using small gates (the key to the “cage” used for storing the gates can be requested at the Reception). If you don’t have a ball, you can ask for one at the Reception.


There is a ping pong table is opposite the entrance. You can get rackets and balls against your entrance card at the Reception.


A foosball table is located in the lobby. You can get balls against your card at the Reception.

Reimbursement Fees

Dormitory reimbursement fees are primarily regulated by international program funding and the agreements between universities, and as well as the Student Requirements System Volume 4 / Student Reimbursement and Benefit Regulations No. 6. Annex included.


  • Szilágyi Gábor (system administrator)
  • Kaszó Szabina (general)
  • Gábor Mészáros (allocation of rooms)
  • Kalu Botond (general) 

Senior helpers:

  • Perform tasks entrusted to them by the Head of the Dormitory;
  • Collaborate with, and support the work of, Dorm Managers and Technical Administrators of Dormitories;
  • Supervise, and make others comply with, the provisions of the House Rules of Dormitories and other Regulations, as well as the norms of cohabitation;
  • Help residents of Dormitories in getting integrated and solving problems;
  • Be on duty under a pre-arranged schedule as part of the 0-24 hour on-call duty provided in the building.

Contact Us

Central email address: tarkakoli@uni-corvinus.hu
Address: 1106 Budapest, Tarkarét u. 6 

Customer Service Opening Hours

Customer services are currently provided online. If you have any questions, please email the Secretariat.

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