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Kinizsi Dormitory

Located in the vicinity of the Central Building of the University, Kinizsi Dormitory offers accommodation for 400 individuals in rooms, most of which are with two beds, in two seven-story wings of the dormitory building.

On each level, an ironing corner, a kitchen equipped with a microwave oven and a gas cooker, as well as personal kitchen cabinets are made available for students. There are well-equipped renovated showers and laundry rooms with automatic washing machines to help with daily bathing and personal hygiene.

For other services, there is a computer room on the ground floor of the L side, as well as a study room that can at any time be used by students, even several of them. Of course, all rooms have been furnished with internet connection possibilities, which is complemented by a WIFI connection. A television set is in the lobby in the F side and in the study room in the L side. A gym and conditioning room is available for residents of the Dormitory in the basement of the L side. We haven’t forgotten about entertainment, the Africafe Club buffet and nightclub is located in the basement of page F. And the University Central Library guarantees good preparation for students.

The security of the building is ensured by the built-in fire alarm system and the card entrance and camera system.
The EVK College for Advanced Studies is housed in the Kinizsi Dormitory.     

Useful Information

Reception Service

  • Phone number: +36 1 482 7900
  • There is a reception service of 0-24 hours in the building.
  • Receptionists ensure, by checking the photo on entrance cards, that the persons using them are the rightful cardholders indeed; and they briefly check the identity of residents entering the dormitory.
  • An entrance card may only be used by the person authorized to use it, and handing it over to others will result in a disciplinary procedure.
  • There is a first aid box at the reception.
  • You can borrow cleaning tools (broom, shovel, mop, vacuum cleaner, iron) at the reception by depositing your entrance card. 

Entrance Control System

  • The dormitory has a turnstile entrance system operated with an entrance card. An entrance card is given to each resident when moving in the dormitory.
  • Residents are required to use their cards when entering or leaving the building; stepping over or crawling under the entrance system or transferring an entrance card to anybody else is FORBIDDEN!
  • When entering, you must place your entrance card in front of the reader located in front of the Reception Desk; and then receptionists ensure, by checking the photo on entrance cards, that the persons using them are the rightful cardholders indeed; and briefly check the identity of residents entering the dormitory. Then you can ask receptionists for your room keys.
  • After that, you can also find another reader in front of the stairs leading upstairs; the card must be used in the same way as before.
  • In case of losing the card, please write a letter to the e-mail address kinizsi.rendszergazda@uni-corvinus.hu, so that our system administrator may issue a new card to you for a fee. The reimbursement fee is recorded by the Neptun Administrator in the Neptun system.
  • Always keep your ticket with you, as you cannot travel between sides F and L unless by using the card. 

Printing and Copying

  • You can print, scan and photocopy (only up to a few pages) in the Student Committee Office during on-duty time (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 08:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.) only.
  • For printing and photocopying large quantities, please find one of the local copy shops having high-capacity copier machines or the University press. 

Rules of Receiving Visitors

  • Residents may receive visitors free of charge every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (up to three individuals; above three, a written permission is required).
  • A Resident may receive a maximum of one visitor every day from 11 pm to 7 am with the unanimous consent of the resident’s roommate(s).
  • The fee for receiving a visitor is included in the Regulation on Student Fees and Benefits (1500Ft/person/occasion).
  • Such fee items will be registered in Neptun for students with a student status with Corvinus University.
  • Such registration/invoicing will be based on a register maintained by the Reception Service (Register of Visitors), which must be filled in and signed by residents when giving notification of their intention to receive visitors.
  •  The Register of Visitors at the Reception must be maintained in such a way that the name, room number, and Neptun code of the Resident receiving a visitor and the exact dates of the calendar days and the exact timing affected by the visit can be clearly identified, and it must be signed by the Resident upon receiving the visitor concerned. The name of the visitor and the number of the certificate with photo used for verifying the visitor’s identity must also be entered in the Register.
  • After the completion of the administration of visitor registration, the Resident receives a permit for receiving visitors, on the basis of which the Resident’s visitor may receive a temporary guest entrance card, and thus the visitor can stay in the Dormitory.
  • The Resident receiving the visitor is fully responsible for the visitor’s behaviour.
  • A Resident may receive visitors at maximum of 15 occasions per month for a fee, a maximum of one person at a time, and a visitor may remain in the Dormitory for a maximum of three times a week for a fee. In case of violating this rule, the Resident may not receive a visitor involving fee payment in the month following the month of the violation.
  • A Resident who seriously violates the Rules of Receiving Visitors may be restricted in, or banned from, receiving visitors for a definite period of time; and a visitor who violates the Rules of Receiving Visitors or the House Rules may be excluded from being received, or, in more serious cases, such visitor’s entry into the Dormitory may be restricted.
  • If, during an inspection, Dormitory employees find a visitor staying in the building without a permit, then the Resident receiving the visitor may be given a penalty point. Any individual staying inside without permission may be banned from the Dormitory.
  • Minor visitors may be received by a resident only if the visitor is a direct relative (e.g., sibling) of the resident receiving the visitor and the parents or legal representatives have given their written consent to receiving the visitor. For receiving minor visitors, the Dormitory Administrator’s permission and roommates’ written statements of consent are also required. Even with certificates and permissions obtained, minor visitors may be accommodated only in rooms inhabited by residents of the same gender. 

Mental health, psychologist

Mental health professionals at Student Support provide individual counseling free of charge for all Corvinus University students on psychology, learning, and career topics.

Information about counseling: here

Counseling sessions are not for handling healthcare or immediate care situations. In case immediate assistance is needed for you or someone you know:

  • In case of suicidal intention or a medical emergency, call 112, which is the national emergency number.
  • If you are in a crisis and you have suicidal thoughts, seek help Péterfy Hospital Crisis Ambulance

Address: Budapest, 1074. Alsóerdősor street 7.
Call by phone: +3670 934 1051 (Mon-Fri: 9:00-15:00)
By email: intervencio@peterfykh.hu

Internet Access

Information: There are several ways to request access to the Internet.

1. In a message sent by email to the address rendszergazda.kinizsi@uni-corvinus.hu. The email must include the student’s name, room number and the computer’s ETHERNET MAC address (physical address).
2. Through the registration form on the Internet.
3. Through a registration form to be requested at the Reception, which you can complete and simply return to and leave with the Reception (it is no good when students contact the system administrator one by one merely for that reason)

After your request for it, you will be provided access to the Internet within 3 working days. As the system administrator has multiple tasks, it cannot be ensured that he/she can perform the registration immediately after your request.

If you have any further questions or requests on the Internet, please write to the address rendszergazda.kinizsi@uni-corvinus.hu or contact us in person: Viktor Szeker senior helper – L113

Help to query the MAC address (physical address):

For Windows users:
– Connect the UTP cable to your device
– Start menu / Settings
– Network and Internet setting
– Ethernet
– Left-click the Ethernet icon
– Here you can find the Physical MAC Address

For Mac OS X users:
– Apple menu / System Preferences…
– Internet & Wireless menu line / Network
– Ethernet or USB Ethernet line must be selected!
– Click on the Advanced… button
– In the Ethernet tab, write the Ethernet ID

If that doesn’t help, then you can find solutions on Google for finding your Ethernet MAC address or write to the email address kinizsi.net@uni-corvinus.hu.


  • The WiFi network of the Dormitory is operated as an additional service.
  • In some rooms, there is no proper internet coverage and network reliability is highly dependent on web workloads.
  • Wired connection is recommended to ensure a reliable access to the Internet.
  • To use the WiFi, you need to log in with a Cusman username and password.

It is important to understand that, contrary to all rumours, there is no lower limit for violations of regulations, i.e. there is no lower limit (for uploading, downloading, daily, weekly, etc.) below which violations of regulations are allowed. Thus e.g. sharing or downloading such content that violates any regulations, laws, or copyright, or harms the reputation of the University is not allowed even to the slightest extent and may result in disciplinary consequences! Of course, not even the Dormitory or its system administrator can grant an exemption from this!

Reporting Faults

Please report any technical faults found upon moving in, or during the year, to the Operation unit by writing to the e-mail address katerina.fodor@uni-corvinus.hu, or they can be reported in the Maintenance Booklet you can find at the Reception.


Computer Room

  • The computer room is located in the L side of the Dormitory, and the key to it can be received at the Reception. It is available for an unlimited use.

Study Room

There is a study room on the first floor of the Dormitory, which is constantly available to residents.
The Dormitory bears no liability for any items left unattended in the study room.  

Bicycle Storage Room

A bicycle storage room key can be requested at the Reception of the Dormitory. Please note that bicycles must be hung on the wall so as not to obstruct traffic.

Washing Facilities

The Dormitory has laundry facilities on each floor, and thanks to some recent investments, there is a new automatic washing machine on each floor. Everyone is requested to use the Washing Booklets placed there to make it easier to plan washing activities and to find owners of clothes left in the washing machine.

Cleaning Tools

  • broom and shovel
  • bucket and mop
  • iron
  • vacuum cleaner 

Dormitory Committee

The task of the Dormitory Committee is to help the operation of the Dormitory and to make everyday life more diverse. We hold regular cocktail parties at AfriCafe, organize a Tea Houses and Cinema Evenings and, not forgetting about culture, help residents of the Dormitory have access to theatre tickets. Also, you can participate in excursions to different places with us before exam periods. We have already been in Visegrád in spring, at the Advent Fair in Vienna and at the Schönbrunn Palace in winter, and this year we will visit Eger at the beginning of May, where residents of the Dormitory familiarize themselves with the wine culture of the quarter of wine cellars called Szépasszonyvölgy (“Beautiful Women’s Valley”).

You can get more information about our other activities (printing, scanning, events, etc.) by joining our Facebook group, and we will inform you about current programs in circular emails.

Our organization has 5 full members. Any of the residents of the Dormitory can become DB members after being elected by the assembly of residents.
Our meetings start on Mondays at 09:00 p.m. in the DB office, and we are also on duty on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. there. DB meetings are open, which means that anyone can participate and speak, and we welcome their opinions.

If you have any questions, problems, or comments, please contact us in person or at the email address kinizsidb@gmail.com!

Or check out ‘Koli Kinizsi’ on Facebook, where you can see more pictures of Dormitory life.
We wish you a pleasant browsing! 

Requirements and regulations concerning the operation of the Dormitory Committee are set out in Requirements for Students in Section 12 of the Organisational and Operational Procedures of Dormitories.

Reimbursement Fees

Dormitory reimbursement fees are primarily regulated by international program funding and the agreements between universities, and as well as the Student Requirements System Volume 4 / Student Reimbursement and Benefit Regulations No. 6. Annex included.


Buri Vanda Anikó
keeping in touch with foreign students

Varga Tamás
Assisting the work of KDB, arranging rooms, keeping in touch with foreign students
Pál Gábor

SH mentor

Szeker Viktor

administrator tasks, access card registration

Szabó Dániel

dormitory admission notices, room schedule
Senior helpers:

  • Under Section 10 of Part II of the Organizational and Operational Procedures of Dormitories of the Corvinus University of Budapest, they will:
  • Perform tasks entrusted to them by the Head of the Dormitory;
  • Collaborate with, and support the work of, Dorm Managers and Technical Administrators of Dormitories;
  • Supervise, and make others comply with, the provisions of the House Rules of Dormitories and other Regulations, as well as the norms of cohabitation;
  • Help residents of Dormitories in getting integrated and solving problems;
  • Be on duty under a pre-arranged schedule as part of the 0-24 hour on-call duty provided in the building.

Contact us

  • Central e-mail address: kinizsikoli@uni-corvinus.hu
  • Dormitory Reception: +36 1 482 7900
  • Reception of Physical Education and Sports Centre’s Special Site: +36 1 482 7920
  • Address: 1092 Budapest, Kinizsi utca 2-6. 

Customer Service Opening Hours

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