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Gellert Campus Dormitory

The Gellért Campus of Corvinus University, inaugurated in February 2024, is easily accessible by public transport, in the Móricz Zsigmond körtér area, at the crossroads of Ménesi and Mányoki roads. The University has a new future-oriented campus with innovative, inspiring spaces that are innovative, sustainable and future-oriented. A place that will be home to quality personal moments, where experiential collaboration is a given, and is expected to be a cradle of innovation. The Gellért Campus is unique in that, in addition to educational, sporting and several community areas, it will also include a dormitory area for nearly 180 people, extending up to the 3rd to 6th floors of the K-wing of the building.

The dormitory offers air-conditioned rooms for 2 and 3 students, with private bathrooms and a beautiful panoramic view of both the Buda and Pest part of the city. The floors have a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances and furniture, a common dining area, a communal area, and a laundry room (with industrial washing and drying machines). The building also has a collaboration and data space, and a reading room. There is a Fresh Corner buffet on the ground floor of the J wing and a community space called Rooftop Café on the 7th floor of the K wing with an open terrace.

The Campus will have a sports centre and exercise studio (with a multi-purpose sports field, climbing wall, cardio and strength training machines) only partially operational at the beginning of 2024, and a fully operational sports centre and exercise studio from autumn 2024, as well as an outdoor sports field in the 1100 m2 park surrounding the building. Closed bicycle storage is also available at the main entrance on Mányoki road.

Useful information


  • The building has a reception service open 0-24 hours in K wing.
  • Visitors arriving on the dormitory floors must register at the reception desk.
  • First aid box available at the reception. There you can ask a bandage.
  • If you lock yourself out of the room, you can ask the reception for help.
  • In the case of a lost or malfunctioning access card, a temporary card will be issued by the receptionist, and you must report this to gellertkoli@uni-corvinus.hu
  • Cleaning/electronic equipment (vacuum cleaner, iron, clothes dryer) can also be borrowed at the reception, and the borrowed equipment must be recorded in the register at the reception. There is a laundry room on each floor with washing machine and dryer, ironing board, razor, shovel, mop set.

Access system

  • An electronic card and/or NFC-based access control and room opening system has been installed in the dormitory. The dormitory floors can only be accessed with this electronic card.
  • Each student will receive an access card when they move in. You must always carry it with you, use it to check in and out, do not step or jump over the entrance system, and DO NOT transfer the card to anyone else. o If you lose your card, you should email gellertkoli@uni-corvinus.hu to have a new card (for a fee) and you can ask from the reception a temporary one.
  • NFC-based/app-based access is still in the process of being developed, more information on this will be available later.

Visitor reception (dormitory levels)

  • Visitors must be registered at the reception desk in Building K when they arrive at the dormitory.
  • Residents can receive visitors free of charge every day from 7 am to 11 pm (up to 3 people, over 3 people only with written permission from dorm manager).
  • From 23:00 in the evening until 7:00 in the morning each day, the Resident may receive a maximum of 1 visitor with the unanimous consent of the roommate(s).
  • The fee for the visitor reception is included in the RSFB – (1500 HUF/person/application). The fee is charged to the host. Extra bed linen is available for a fee and can be requested from gellertkoli@uni-corvinus.hu.
  • Students who are students of Corvinus are charged for this in Neptun. Non-student residents will be invoiced.
  • The registration is based on the register kept by the reception service (Visitor Register), which the visitor is required to fill in and sign at the same time as the registration.
  • The visitor’s record booklet must be kept at the reception desk in such a way that the name of the Resident (Neptun code), the room number, the date and the exact time of the calendar days concerned by the visit can be clearly identified and must be signed by the Resident receiving the visitor. The name of the visitor must be entered in the register, and for identification purposes, a photo ID must be presented at registration, this information will not be recorded.
  • After the visitor registration has been administered, the host Resident will receive a visitor admission permit, which will allow the visitor to obtain a temporary guest access card and thus secure his/her stay in the Dormitory.
  • The Resident receiving the visitor is fully responsible for the behaviour of the visitor.
  • A Resident may receive visitors for a fee up to 15 times per month, up to a maximum of one person at a time, and a visitor may stay for a fee up to three times per week. In the event of a breach of this rule, the Resident may not receive a visitor for a fee in the month following the month in question.
  • A Resident who seriously violates the rules of reception may be restricted or banned from receiving visitors for a limited period, while a visitor who violates the rules of reception and the House Rules may be excluded from reception, and in more serious cases, his/her access to the dormitory may be restricted.
  • If, during an inspection, a person is found by the staff of the dormitory without a visitor’s permit, the Resident who received the visitor may be given a penalty point. The person staying without permission may be expelled from the dormitory.
  • Minor visitors may only be admitted by a resident if the visitor is a direct relative of the person receiving the visitor (e.g. a sibling) and the visitor’s parents or legal representatives have given their written consent. In the case of a minor, prior permission of the Dorm Manager and written consent of the roommate are required. Even with existing certificates and permissions, a minor visitor may only be accommodated in a room occupied by a resident of the same sex.


  • The building has a closed parking area, which can be accessed through gate 4.
  • There is no permanent parking option for students/residents due to the limited number of parking spaces. The car park is available for short-term use for unloading luggage when moving in and out.


First of all, visit the clinic/hospital according to your private health insurance.

Regionally competent (for those with a hungarian social security card (TAJ-card)):

DentistPhoneAddress of the practice
Dr. Katalin Földeáki+36/1279-21281117 Budapest, Fehérvári út 12.
Family doctorPhoneAddress of surgery
Dr. László Dolgos +361/279-21441117 Budapest, Fehérvári út 12.

Mental health counselling, psychologist

Mental health professionals from Student Support provide free individual counselling to all Corvinus students on campus on psychological, learning and career issues.

Information on counselling sessions: counselling sessions are not suitable for dealing with health or emergency situations.

If you need immediate help for yourself or someone around you:

In case of suicidal intent or medical emergency – Call 112!

For suicidal thoughts – Get help:

LESZ – Hungarian Association of Mental First Aid Telephone Services

Phone: 116-123 Suicide prevention.hu

Internet access

Wired internet:

  • There is a wired endpoint in each room, which can be connected to with UTP ethernet cable.
  • Currently, you do not need to register to use the fixed internet.


  • The Dormitory Wi-Fi network is an additional service. It can be used with a CUSMAN or EDUROAM ID and password.
  • For reliable and faster internet access, a wired connection is recommended.

It is forbidden:

  • Unauthorised connection to the computer network, or unlawful activity on it.
  • Attack the network or network devices in any way.
  • Share the network connection by any means (router or computer).
  • Run your own Wi-Fi network.
  • Use file sharing programs on the network (dc, torrent, etc.). This will result in a one-month suspension of service and will be reported immediately to the BCE Information Technology Services Center staff, along with the dormitory administration. The user may be subject to further legal action by the University, the consequences of which will also be borne by the user who violates the rule.

In case of violation of the above, the service will be suspended for a limited period. The suspension cannot be postponed, it will take effect immediately.

Maintenance problem

Fault/maintenance reports can be made via an app form that can be scanned with QR codes placed in the building. Once the fault report is received, the service will respond within a short time.

Study room (reading room), computer room

A reading room on the second floor of K wing is available as a study room for students.

A data space area on the first floor of K wing provides access to a university computers.


Request extra cleaning

Extra room cleaning requests per room (i.e. all occupants of the room are liable to pay the fee) can be submitted mid-year via gellertkoli@uni-corvinus.hu. The fee is set out in Annex 6 to the RSFB.

Washing facilities

Each dormitory floor has a laundry room with an industrial washing and drying machine.

Used free of charge, everyone must provide their own detergent. It is the responsibility and interest of all residents to use them properly and keep them clean.

Sports facilities

A sports centre and exercise studio (with a multi-purpose sports field, climbing wall, cardio and strength training machines) will be fully operational from autumn 2024, and an outdoor sports field will be installed in the 1100 m2 park surrounding the building.

More information on the conditions of use will be provided by the sports centre operator company.

Bicycle storage

Locked bicycle storage is also available at the main entrance on Mányoki road.


Dormitory fees are set out in Volume 4 of the Student Requirements System / Annex 6 of the Regulation on Student Fees and Benefits.



The senior helpers on their behalf:

They carry out the tasks assigned to them by the Dorm Manager,

They cooperate with and support the work of the Dorm Manager and the Building Manager,

Oversee and enforce the provisions of the Dormitory’s House Rules and other regulations, as well as the norms of coexistence,

They help students to integrate and solve their problems,

They are on call according to a predefined schedule.

Contact: gellertkoli@uni-corvinus.hu

Seniors 2023/24 spring semester:

  • Kata Sáringer,
  • Gergely Keményfi,
  • Gergely Fekete,
  • Gábor Pál Molnár


Central email address of the Dormitory: gellertkoli@uni-corvinus.hu

Address: 1118 Budapest, Mányoki road 9.

Personal customer reception by appointment only via email gellertkoli@uni-corvinus.hu.

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