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With its decision 07/2021 (27 January), the Board of Trustees approved the amendment of the University’s Organisational and Operational Rules and, as part of this, approved the proposal for the reorganisation of HR functions. As a result, from 1 April 2021, labour-related tasks will be transferred from the Chancellery’s Wage and Labour Department to HR.


HR matters relating to the creation, modification and termination of employment of staff. Within this:
  • admission of staff
  • drafting, signing and registering employment contracts
  • recording and managing job descriptions
  • processing and registering requests from employees for changes to personal data
  • drafting, signing and registering employment contract modifications
  • registration, deregistration and report on changes of employees and people employed with student contracts
  • recording, managing and documenting changes to base wage and regular wage elements in addition to base wage
  • preparation of the document terminating employment
  • administrative tasks relating to leaving workers (leave arrangements)
  • keeping and managing the personnel files of employees
  • keeping up-to-date records of the above in the HR information system (SAP) used by the University
Managing the applications for university professors (other recruitment tasks were already part of HR before this). Establishment of annual holidays. Recording of absences (except social security absences). Establishment of the jubilee bonus. Full administration of awards. Provision of teaching and staff data to the Neptun system for statistical and other data provision. Information on the tasks listed (contact with employers, employees, communication). The information needed to perform operational tasks will be communicated directly to employers during the week of 6 April.

The HR team counts on the support of all University staff and will do its utmost to further improve HR services.


From 1 April, the former Wage and HR Department will continue its work under the name of Income Accounting and Social Security on the 6th floor of Building C, still under the leadership of Tímea Majzikl (available at, C620).

Main tasks remaining with the department:
  • managing the wages and social security of employees, keeping up-to-date records of wage and social security data in the HR information system used by the University
  • management and invoicing of assignment contracts, student and doctoral student contracts
  • issuing income statements
  • recording, managing and documenting non-regular pay elements above the base wage
  • management of study contracts
  • management of declaration of personal wealth
  • preparing statistics and reports, payroll accounting
Recording of social security type absences
  • administrative tasks relating to leaving workers (social security booklet)
  • full administration and provision of data on terminated employees.  


In addition to the above core tasks, the main objective of the re-established HR organisation is to support the implementation of the systems established in 2020 as part of the University’s Rebranding Programme (academic career model, remuneration policy, performance development system, training and development and recruitment framework), which provide the basis for strategic HR management. It also aims to integrate the operational and administrative support functions of these activities into the strategic HR organisation, and through this to build an HR function that will work in partnership with the University’s management.

The organisational restructuring is aimed at creating this integration, with the further objective of strengthening the efficiency and customer-friendliness of the provision of services, which we hope will bring tangible benefits to both employers and employees in the short term.
The head of the re-established HR team is Dr. Zsuzsanna Arnold Csenterics (available at, E295)

As a leader, she not only manages the work of her colleagues, she also plays an active role in the development of the organisation, preparing, approving and implementing key strategic decisions. Since the University’s transformation, she has been responsible for a number of long-term policies, such as the new performance development and remuneration policies. She has been a creative force behind the introduction of the academic career model and transparent recruitment procedures. With decades of leadership experience, she is working to build a high-performing, modern, service-oriented HR team.
Csentericsné Arnold Zsuzsanna Presidency / HR
HR vezető / Head of HR
E épület, 295
Zsuzsanna Farkas, manager of HR services (available at, E293)

Zsuzsi has spent her entire career at the University, and few people know the academic world better than her. She graduated from the predecessor of Corvinus in 2005 with at the accounting academic specialisation, then headed the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Economics for almost 15 years. After the transformation of the university, she was the Head of the Secretariat of the Academic Management for more than a year. The change is only partly new for her, as she has worked in both of her previous jobs in a number of personnel-related roles. She now brings more than 20 years of academic experience and personal contacts to the development of HR services.
Farkas Éva Zsuzsanna Presidency / HR
HR szolgáltatások vezető / Team Leader of HR Services
E épület, 293
Melinda Abai, HR generalist (available at, E293)

Not many colleagues need an introduction to Melinda, as she has been working at Corvinus for more than 10 years. For many people she is the first to meet still before their first day at work.

Originally an economist who graduated at the human resources degree programme, she started her university career with experience in HR and commerce. Over the past decade, she has been responsible for managing the HR database, preparing, issuing, contracting and amending employment documents, and generally ensuring that employer rules are consistently applied. She will also face new challenges as she will be involved in the implementation of the integrated HR system, helping to create a more customer-friendly, customer-focused HR administration.
Abai Melinda Presidency / HR
HR generalista / HR Generalist
E épület, 293
Phone: +36 1 482 5298 • Ext: 5298
Tímea Fejes, HR generalist (available at, E291)

Tímea is no newcomer at the University either, having graduated in the business and HR management degree programme and joined the then Human Resources Office in 2015. In her work, not only human but also economic factors play a role, as she deals with earnings supplements, commitments and of course contracts. An exciting task for the future will be to support the HR business partnering activities to be introduced. She helps improve core HR services through organisation, analysis and communication.
Fejes Tímea Presidency / HR
HR generalista / HR Generalist
E épület, 291
Phone: +36 1 482 5587 • Ext: 5587
Tünde Oláh, senior HR expert (available at, E291)

Tünde has been working at the University for almost a year and a half, and there is almost no department that she has not helped with an HR issue. With over 15 years of experience as an HR expert and HR business partner in multinational companies, she will accelerate the renewal of the university, making use of her HR experience and her economics degree. Tünde is an expert in remuneration. The other main area is performance development, which is one of the foundations of remuneration in a modern, human-centred HR organisation and an important factor in employee satisfaction and organisational culture.
Oláh Tünde Presidency / HR
Szenior HR szakértő / Senior HR Expert
E épület, 291
Phone: +36 1 482 5248 • Ext: 5248
Éva Fiók senior HR expert (available at, E291)

Éva came to the University just a year ago, also in a spirit of renewal, also from the competitive world of pharmaceutical research, with 8 years of experience as an HR manager in an international environment. She brings her original qualifications as a television journalist and more than 20 years of communications experience to her daily work in HR. Her favourite area is recruitment, which is partly about effective communication. Éva is also responsible for organising internal training, and has the her new ideas for the expanding range.
Fiók Éva
E épület, 291
Phone: +36 1 482 5248 • Ext: 5248
Lili Csapó, HR assistant (, E293)

She is the youngest member of the HR team, she obtained a degree in an academic specialisation at Corvinus this year. She applied for a student job which later became an internship. In almost a year, Lili got a taste of basic HR tasks. She first became indispensable with the help of the administration, and then took on independent tasks and finally got her first job offer of her life. Now a full-time employee, she will take on new responsibilities in the future, mainly in organisational tasks and the implementation of more modern IT support for HR.
Csapó Lili Presidency / HR
Junior HR generalista / Junior HR Generalist
E épület, 293
Phone: +36 1 482 5613 • Ext: 5613
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