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Dear Visitor!

Welcome to the website of theInstitute for International, Political and Regional Studies. Our institute wasestablished on February 1, 2020 with the establishment of the new universityorganizational structure. Within the Institute, four departments will continuetheir activities following the termination of the faculty structure: theDepartment of Economic Geography, Geoeconomics and Sustainable Development(GEO), the Department of International Relations, the Department of PoliticalScience and the Department of World Economics. Our institute currently providestwo Hungarian and one English-language undergraduate program, fourHungarian-language and three English-language masters, and we are proud of thetwo Doctoral Schools (Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of InternationalRelations and Doctoral School of Political Science) affiliated with us.

The Institute aims to address thechallenges of the 21st century with multidisciplinary social science tools. Wevalue the diversity of education and research topics at the Institute, whilepaying special attention to the development of the following fields:

• research and education  on Central Europe,

• theoretical and practical issuesrelated to the international development regime,

• diplomacy studies,

• sustainability, climate policy,

• renewing philosophy education atthe university,

• political economy.

We would also like to contributeintensively to debates on the present and future of Europe, such as migrationand asylum issues, the consequences of Brexit, the deepening and enlargement ofthe European Union.

Our institute’s internationalembeddedness is wide-ranging: it is currently involved in two H2020 projectsand is involved in several joint and double degree programs (eg Liége, Tilburg,UCL, Glasgow, Bologna). In connection with the transformation of theUniversity, our Institute considers further internationalization as a strategicgoal, which will be embodied in further educational and research cooperation.

The Institute intends to contributeto the European higher education area in the coming years with several newinnovative educational products / programs. When rethinking the portfolio, wepay special attention to the learning experience of students, thus introducingnew cooperative education methods and prioritizing result-based trainingsystems.

Budapest, March 7, 2020


dr.László Csicsmann

Head ofInstitute


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