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Institute of Information Technology

Corvinus University of Budapest Institute of Information Technology focuses primarily on education and research within the field of business informatics. Business informatics is the intersection of business (business, economics, public service, or administrative activities) and IT developments and applications in a broader sense. Business informatics programs account for a large part of our educational work. The goal of the these programs is to train professionals, who are able to apply state-of-the-art IT solutions in a variety of business and administrative fields, thus understanding and adequately responding to management and decision-making problems, utilizing both IT and non-IT related solutions (e.g. process organization, work organization vs. a new IT system). Many new IT trends (e.g. Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobility, Cloud), which are usually classified as parts of digital transformation, have already been introduced to our courses, but due to the rapid development of the field, revision, modification and adjustments to ever-changing trends are almost constant. Business informatics programs are closely and primarily connected to business functions such as finance, accounting, marketing and logistics, including management functions as well (strategy development, enterprise management, quality management, innovation). Simultaneously, students can get a hold of a good algorithmic approach during their studies in IT and beyond, which they can capitalize on later in their professional careers. We strive to present this approach at all levels of our education (BSc, MSc, doctoral and postgraduate).

However, the tasks of the Institute of Information Technology are not limited to the management of its own programs, with the ever-broadening use of IT solutions and the expansion of its applications, the need to teach business informatics in other programs of the University (management, economics and social science related programs) is a growing responsibility as well.

The Institute’s research activities cover a wide but distinct range of fields, such as data science and its application in areas like manufacturing and education, the impact of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, business process modelling and management, knowledge management and semantic technologies, information management, IT service management, IT and media regulation, and the different domains of Fintech.The Institute has been and still is an active participant in various national and international research projects, specifically in EFOP 3.6.1, EFOP 3.6.2, TET, KÖFOP, Tématerületi Kiválósági Program (Thematic Excellence Programs), and Erasmus. Our research centres and workshops, the Fintech Centre and the SAP Next-Gen Lab play a key role in organizing research as well.     

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