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  • Since 2010, the Department has organized the international Annual Financial Market Liquidity conferences. Every year more than 100 researchers from all over the world take part in this conference.
  • Since 2016, the Department has, in joint effort with PRMIA, an international organization of risk management specialists, organised the annual conferences of the Hungarian member organisation.
  • In 2021, Corvinus University of Budapest and the Department will host the World Finance Banking Symposium.
  • In 2017, the ECMS conference was co-organized by the Department.  


The Department organizes the Corvinus Financial Research Seminar and Workshop on a weekly basis, where colleagues working at the Department or other institutions can report on their latest research and ideas.

Financial Clearing Research Lab

Financial transactions involve paying obligations to be settled in the future, so the counterparties are exposed to the risk of non-payment until all commitments are fulfilled. The clearing mechanism is a key element of a well-functioning market; thus, several questions emerge that are worth investigating from theoretical and practical perspectives.

The aim of the Financial Clearing Research Lab is to connect researchers of the Corvinus University of Budapest working on related topics and to build a platform to exchange ideas and to foster professional discussions.

The Department’s Creative Camp

The good thing about the creative camp is that we have time for each other. We listen to everyone and discuss every topic meticulously (cf. live dissection). Since 2009, we have gathered almost every year in Alsóörs for a creative camp in August (AAA +).

Three to five days of concentrated flow sensation. Everything evolves spontaneously and always turns into something interesting. Lots of good people in a small place. 

Foundation of the Department of Finance

Foundation of the Department of Finance
Address of the Foundation: 1146 Budapest, Abonyi u. 4. fszt. 6.
Bank account number of the Foundation: OTP Bank: 11707062-20003067
Tax number of the Foundation: 18141449-1-41

Goal of the Foundation

The goal of the Foundation is to support scientific research and education activities at the Department of Finance of the Corvinus University of Budapest by implementing the tasks described below. The Foundation has the obligation to carry out the following public benefit activities (pursuant to Article 26 (c) of Act CLVI of 1997): scientific activities, research, education and training, skills development, dissemination of knowledge, promotion of the Euro-Atlantic integration. In the framework of these public benefit activities and on the basis of the goal indicated above, the Foundation has to accomplish the following tasks:

  • To improve conditions, in terms of funding, equipment and staff, for basic scientific research and applied research,
  • To create conditions, in terms of funding and equipment, for improving the Department’s educational technologies and teaching and auxiliary materials used in education, and for inviting guest lecturers,
  • To support the Department’s improved involvement in the international scientific and teaching community; to facilitate, and provide financial and organizational support to, the participation of the Department’s lecturers and researchers in foreign professional collaborations,
  • To improve conditions, in terms of funding, equipment and staff, for the Department’s participation in research framework programmes and research programmes established by institutions of the Euro-Atlantic integration,
  • To support lecturers, researchers, PhD students and students in University education who have achieved significant results, enabling them to participate in professional further training programmes in Hungary and abroad,
  • To support students of PhD programmes in their research activities,
  • To support highly talented University students participating in the teaching or research activities of the Department,
  • To purchase high-performance computers and state-of-the-art software required for researching corporate finance and methods of investment statistics-mathematics,
  • To ensure conditions, in terms of funding and equipment, for activities of Scientific Students’ Associations,
  • To support the publication of brochures, publications and books related to the Department’s educational and research activities,
  • To nurture and preserve the memory of the founding head of the Department, Dr. Márta Sulyok-Pap.
  • The Foundation of the Department of Finance carries out its activities focused on three main areas:
  • Establishing and operating the FinLab
  • Providing University preparatory courses to high school students in deep poverty
  • Providing support to scientific research, conferences and study competitions. 
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