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World Economics Doctoral Program

The World Economics Doctoral Program was launched more than 25 years ago, by internationally renowned and acknowledged professors of world economics and development studies. During the past decades several outstanding researchers and lecturers contributed to the program’s success. Among the current and former lecturers of the Doctoral Program we can highlight four distinguished professors, who are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Tamás Szentes, Tibor Palánkai, Mihály Simai (Department of World Economy) and László Csaba (Department of Comparative and Institutional Economics). The main profile of the World Economics Doctoral Program is world and development economics, but its research portfolio includes integration theory, economic governance and technology, globalization, regional studies, comparative and institutional economics. The Program is taught by professionals who are well-known and successful in their fields.  

The research topics are closely connected to the Program’s profile and they are meant to further deepen the focus on the respective areas. 

Topics include: 

  • International Economics 
  • International Finances 
  • World Economics 
  • International Political Economy 
  • Regional Studies and Economy 
  • Development Economics and Studies 
  • European Economic Integration and Governance 
  • Institutions of the European Union 
  • Globalization and Technology
  • Institutional Economics 
  • Comparative Economics   

International Relations 

The World Economics Doctoral Program aims to guarantee that students gain international experience, get to know international standards and become able to comply with these standards throughout their time spent in the School. PhD students participating in the Doctoral Program’s international research have the opportunity to present their findings internationally. The Program’s leaders and tutors have an extensive network of international partners; therefore, motivated students are able to actively participate in research even in the international arena. The quality of joint research is often proved by the numerous publications – often in collaboration with the respective supervisors, or with their guidance. 

The World Economics Doctoral Program supports PhD candidates who are motivated and willing to join international projects. Examples for such projects include Fatigue and Poprebel which both have provided opportunities for students to participate in international conferences and workshops. 

The World Economics Doctoral Program is a member in several international organizations, such as: 

In the Fall of 2020, the Department of World Economics at our University and the Institute of World Economics at the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies began formally working together, after years of informal collaboration. As a result of this, students in the World Economics Doctoral Program can join research currently ongoing the Centre’s Institute of World Economics. This allows them to gain experience in fields that are closely related to their dissertations. Furthermore, they can also take part in the conferences, workshops and other events that are organized in the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies. These experiences can contribute to the successfully prepare and defend the doctoral dissertations.    

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