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Mentors and professional jury


Dr. Éva Pintér associate professor, Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Informatics

Éva is a habilitated associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, the strategic leader of Corvinus Fintech Centre and the founding president of the Fintech and Financial Culture Department of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA). The focus of her educational activity covers the fields of corporate and banking finance, fintech financial analysis and planning, business evaluation and bank insurance. In addition to teaching, she provides expertise and consultancy in the following fields: intellectual property valuation and management, corporate financing, start-up mentoring in various industries such as agriculture and food industry (e.g., SPAR, Hungarycool), mechanical engineering, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Péter Bagó, assistant professor, Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Informatics

Péter is an assistant professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest, startup director of the Corvinus Fintech Center, vice president of the Startup Section of the Hungarian Economic Association and secretary of the Fintech and Financial Culture Section. His educational activities cover fintech, startups and corporate governance. Besides education, he is the organiser of several hackathons and mentoring programmes.

Professional jury

Chief patron – Pomázi Gyula, president, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

As the head of the Office, his aim is to make it a strong, independent institution that, in addition to its main activity of 125 years, will provide as much assistance as possible to businesses operating in Hungary in the field of R&D certification. Under his guidance, he and his colleagues are still working on ways to provide solutions, or at least help, to businesses in the crisis situation caused by the coronavirus.

Prior to his leadership of the Office, he also worked as Deputy State Secretary for Industry Strategies and Regulation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Ministry of National Economy, as Managing Director of ForArea Gazdaságfejlesztő Kft., Deputy CEO of E Group Hungary Rt., as a strategist at MOL’s telecommunications business unit and as a senior consultant at Coopsystems Organisation and Management Consulting Ltd.

Sebastian Tamás, founder and CEO, RocketShepherd.com

“Sebi” lived for 14 years in the US (Boston + NYC) and 11 years in France (Paris), where he established his studies and career in the financial investment sector in several stock exchange, hedge fund, private equity and investment bank advisory roles as an accredited Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).

In 2016, he moved back to Budapest to help restart the Hungarian start-up ecosystem, leading the Innotrade Program, which helped +200 Hungarian start-ups to participate in +80 international validation programs. Since 2018, he has been developing an automated platform (RocketShepherd.com) that compares regional start-ups with their global competitors.

Its main objective, beyond integrating regional innovation with global ecosystems, is to stabilise the opportunities for Hungarian start-ups by facilitating dialogue between large companies, universities and market players.

Jónás László, head of business development, Design Terminal

László is a social scientist, political scientist and economist. He started his career at K&H Bank and later at CIB Bank, where he supervised several teams and departments at the same time. He is a co-founder of the Arete investment fund and a former guest lecturer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The consulting firm he founded provided business development support to the most important players in the Hungarian creative industry. Since 2016, he has been the Head of Business Development at Design Terminal, during which time the organisation has launched business development programmes in 12 countries and worked with leading corporations and public institutions in Hungary. He is a member of the advisory board of the Start-up Hungary Foundation.

Kiss Gábor Ferenc, managing director, Enrawell Consulting Ltd.

Gábor has been working with the planning, fundraising and the management of development projects for 14 years, and during this period he has been involved in a number of successful projects ranging from innovative start-ups to R&D in SMEs and universities. Their company (Enrawell Consulting Ltd.) not only provides service at project level, but also provides sectoral, decision-maker level consultancy as well. This allows them to see market conditions and policy priorities, strategic expectations at the same time. He also works as a lecturer, researcher and doctoral candidate at the Corvinus University of Budapest and is particularly committed to supporting and encouraging talented university students.

Somogyi Tibor, founder, DokiApp

Tibor is an economist, digital serial entrepreneur whose projects include the easyMaths online education portal, where more than 100,000 students prepare for their exams every year, and startuptanacsadas.hu, where start-ups and emerging businesses are helped to successfully enter the market or scale their operation. In 2017, he was named one of the 30 most successful young people by Forbes. Based on his own and his environment’s experience, he created the DokiApp health app, which drastically shortens the path to a primary medical opinion by allowing the patient to consult a specialist doctor or psychologist via a phone app within 30 minutes in a video call. Always passionate about the industry he works in, he researches the latest telemedicine solutions through DokiApp.

Kis-Fleischmann Attila, Incubation Programme Manager, ANY Security Printing Company

Attila az ANY Biztonsági Nyomda Nyrt. startup inkubációs programjának vezetője. 1994-től 23 évig dolgozott a Nyomdában, mint üzletfejlesztési és marketingigazgató. Ez idő alatt részt vett a Nyomda export piaci terjeszkedésében, a tőzsdei bevezetésben és számos akvizíciós célpont elemzésében, valamint a befektetői kommunikáció előkészítésében. Ezután saját vállalkozásában 3 telephelyen, 44 munkatárssal dolgozott, majd sikeres exitek után saját startupot indított. Az elmúlt időszakban szerzett projektmanagementi, informatikai és pénzügyi tapasztalatait, valamint azt, hogyan lehet a nulláról felépíteni egy vállalkozást – ötvözni tudja a több évtized alatt megismert nagyvállalati elvárásokkal, amelyek segítségére lehetnek az inkubációs program hatékony végrehajtásában és nem utolsósorban az is előnye, hogy régóta ismeri a Nyomda piacait, termékeit és technológiáit is. Tanulmányait a Könnyűipari Műszaki Főiskolán nyomdaipari szakján végezte, majd posztgraduális képzésen diplomázott a Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem marketing szakján.

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