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Head of the curve: become a future defining business leader

  • When: 25-27. November 2021
  • Platform: online
  • Cost: free

Organised by the Corvinus University of Budapest Full-time MBA faculty, “Head of the curve: become a future defining business leader” is about connecting skilful, ambitious, open-minded professionals. Participants will make global connections and gain new perspectives, knowledge and skills.

Throughout the event, you will get the chance to:

  • Discover leading business solutions and learn how to use them in our interactive webinars and workshops, led by Business Leaders and Corvinus MBA professors;
  • Connect with open minded business people from all around the world in thoughtfully arranged online networking events;
  • Contribute to teamwork with other inspiring lifetime-learners on a hands-on business case.

As with the Corvinus Full-time MBA programme, there are four themes that run throughout the event:

  • Complex Problem Solving (finding focus on today’s business world of constant transformation and increasing complexity);
  • Self and soft skill development (know who you are, who you want to be and represent your best ideas effectively);
  • Sustainability (create, propose and implement solutions that will stand the test of time, no matter how the environment, societies and the economy evolve);
  • Quantitative Methods (finding ways to distil the most pertinent knowledge and information from rocketing big data sources).

How to Register

Register now via the form below to get more information about the event in the upcoming weeks. Taking part in the business case-solving experience and attending the webinars are both exciting and free of charge.

Limited places available, screening and selection processes may apply.

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