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We are online! We are with you! – BCE Student Support

Well, here we go again. The coronavirus pandemic has struck a second time, and we are finding ourselves back in a lockdown. Our university has gone fully online, dormitories are closed, and lots of aspects of our everyday life have changed.

We are online 

While some of you might enjoy studying at their own pace and staying predominantly at home, many of you are struggling with the methodology of distance learning, are worried about their loved ones at home, or feel isolated and hopeless. This can affect your motivation and your mental well-being quite negatively.

All this is not surprising, but perfectly natural - and you are not alone in it. Corvinus Student Support Services have prepared a range of self-help materials for you about coping strategies concerning different aspects of the lockdown. Self-care is quite important - so make sure to check out our material if you feel like you need some additional input on how to get through this very turbulent period. Exam period is approaching, holidays too, so your state of mind shall be clear and calm.

We are also preparing an English-language podcast for you. A fellow Corvinus student, a member of staff, and a psychologist from the Student Support Services team are going to share their experiences with you. You are going to find this podcast in your e-mail inboxes in the next following weeks.

If you feel that you would need to discuss matters in person, we provide online counseling via Teams video chat. Ask for an appointment with one of our psychologists at

Navigating these strange and difficult times takes a lot of effort and energy. Make sure to stay in touch with yourself, and others who are important to you. Sometimes this is easier said than done but remember: asking for help is a sign of strength and the first step towards bettering your state-of-mind. Our Corvinus Student Support Services team are doing their very best to help you succeed. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime

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