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Two degrees, will you take both? – Everything about the Double Degree programme

What is the exact process of application? Erasmus or Double Degree? Can the virus intervene? This summary will help you clarify the most important questions about the Double Degree programme.

What is the exact process of application? Erasmus or Double Degree? Can the virus intervene? This summary will help you clarify the most important questions about the Double Degree programme.

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 What does Double Degree mean?

Double Degree programmes allow you to complete the training of aforeign institution, too, in parallel with the Bachelor’s or Master’s programmeof your Hungarian university, and this way you will get two degrees at a time.Depending on the programme, you will spend certain semesters abroad, where youhave to complete given subjects.

In what way is it more than an Erasmus programme?

Under the Erasmus programme, you study in a foreign institution asa guest student, and on your return, your Hungarian university recognises thecredits you earned abroad – these are credits you could have earned at home,too. On the other hand, under the Double Degree programme, you complete thetrainings of two universities at the same time, therefore you will receive twoseparate but equivalent degrees from the two institutions. In addition, underthe Double Degree Programme, the requirements are higher: you will face thesame conditions as the students of the partner institution – there are noeasier exams, it does not matter where you are from, what your mother tongueis, everybody has to meet the same requirements.

Why is it good for me?

The programme usually takes less time than doing the twoprogrammes separately at the two universities. The Erasmus+ scholarshipavailable for the period of terms completed abroad may be great financial helpto those who are unable to finance the total costs of a foreign training.

The participants of the Double Degree programme will have anadvantage on the labour market, too, as a degree from a renowned internationaluniversity is a proof of not only confident language skills, but your knowledgeabout the economy, society and culture of a given country, too.

How to apply?

You may apply for the programme under the applications for partialtraining, from 9 to 27 November. You have to register in Neptun by submittingan application, and that is when you should submit all the documents andcertificates (e.g. about voluntary work, competitions etc.). Please send thepdf version of the submitted application to the before November 27.

You can expect a personal interview in January/February with theofficial responsible for the given programme, who will decide whether or notyou are eligible for participating in the Double Degree Programme.

What are the conditions of application?

Students applying for admission to the Universities of Bamberg andPassau are required to have a complex intermediate (B2) German languageproficiency certificate, while students applying for the rest of the programmesshould have a complex intermediate (B2) English language proficiencycertificate as a minimum. The expected minimum average is 3.0. The keyconditions are your average academic achievement, language skills andmotivation.

How can the virus influence your trip?

The measures taken to control the virus (for instance hybrid oron-line education) are different in each country and at each university. It isgenerally true that during the Double Degree training, you basically have thesame rights as local students. Even in a situation when a foreign partner doesnot accept any exchange students, you can still complete your foreign termsunder the Double Degree programme (on-line, if necessary), in spite of therestrictions.

Bachelor or Master? Scholarship or fee-paying?

Under the Double Degree programme, you may attend both Bachelor’sand Master’s trainings, even twice. Students attending a Bachelor’s programmemay spend their third year, while students attending the Master’s programmeusually spend their second year at the foreign partner.

The programme has no additional costs, scholarship students studyfree of charge abroad, while fee-paying students shall pay the Hungariantuition fee. There is no part-time Double Degree programme.

Where can I get more information on the Double Degree programme?

If you are interested in the Double Degree programme,click HERE to read more about thetraining, and if you have further questions, write to

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