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The Roma Cultural Influencer Training has started

As part of the AMASS research and in Corvinus University's own project, twenty young women can get an insight into the 21st century functioning of online communication and receive help to start their own influencer activity or business.

In order to communicate the cultural values of the Roma community in an authentic way, it is essential to have Roma influencers who themselves are part of the Roma community and are able to present the values of the Roma community in a versatile way. Corvinus University wishes to provide help in this activity that comes with great responsibility.

In October 2020 the first semester of the training could be launched with an excellent team. Already on the very first day the applicants brought a variety of topics and project ideas: providing quality children's time and conscious purchase of toys, economic education of Roma children, the situation and role of Roma women in society, and the representation of Roma culture in the media.

During the fives-session training the participants will learn about the operation of modern social communication, the genres of journalism, and the techniques of audio and video editing. The university's teaching staff (Dr. Ágnes Veszelszki, Dr. Eszter Deli, Júlia Sipos, Dr. Lajos Kovács and Márton Rétvári) will be joined by journalist Mária Baranyi, who - in addition to her professional experience - can also provide support to the participants with her personal example. In addition to the theoretical and practical classes, the future influencers are already working on their own projects, the results of which will be updated and available on the Facebook page of the training. 

Due to the pandemic, the training requiring personal attendance may be supplemented by online training. Please follow the training!

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