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The election period of 2020 for CUB Student Union has ended

The election process of the University Student Union (HÖK) has been counted and published alongside the points of each candidate, the number of the listed university election points and the names of earned mandates.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
Number of students having suffrage: 10022
Casted ballots: 2807
Invalid ballots:

Number of votes for each candidate:

Election group: Székesfehérvár election group
Individual Candidate: Dobrovics Flóra
Number of votes: 125 

Election group: Agrobusiness and IT election group 
Individual Candidate: Pénzes Gábor (student status terminated)
Number of votes: 212 

Election group: Business, 1st election group
Individual Candidate: Csernyik Réka
Number of votes: 599 

Election group: Business, 2nd election group
Individual Candidate: Toldi Eszter
Number of votes: 483 

Election group: Business, 2nd election group
Individual Candidate: Barna Dominika
Number of votes: 483 

Election group: Business, 3rd election group
Individual Candidate: Füller Kamilla
Number of votes: 415 

Election group: Business, 3rd election group 
Individual Candidate: Herczog Roberta
Number of votes: 415 

Election group: Business, 4th election group 
Individual Candidate: Kenyeres Balázs
Number of votes: 268 

Election group: Business, 5th election group 
Individual Candidate Menyhért Kristóf
Number of votes: 185 

Election group: Social sciences and pedagogy election group 
Individual Candidate: Krausl Benedek
Number of votes: 349

The number of votes for each list of representatives: 

Cunami: 1839 
List of candidates who acquired a mandate:

1. Szabados Levente
2. Balanyi Kata
3. Szabó Dorina
4. Kiss Otília
5. Molnár Dorina
6. Vásárhelyi Bence
7. Koroly Okszána
8. Budai Dóra
9. Beck Viola
10. Hodászi Réka
11. Boros Brenda
12. Bányai Rebeka
13. Becker Elisa
14. Csányi Dávid
15. Kavas Kata
16. Szemenyei Cintia
17. Benkő Zsófia
18. Rudolf Alexa
19. Tóth Ádám 

Information about legal appeal:

CUB Student Union Charter 18. §
(1) It is possible to appeal to the Presidency of SU against the decision of the Supervisory Board in two (2) days after the publication of the results. Failure to meet the deadline results in loss of rights.
(2) The Presidency shall decide upon the appeal in five (5) days. 

Please, send the appeals to the address, addressed to the Presidency until 8:00 on January 10, 2021.

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