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Successful student project presentation in collaboration between BFK and the Department of Geo

The project presentation, which took place on 28 May 2021, was part of the exercise of their course Urbanism and Spatial Planning.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
The 1st year students of the Master's programme in Regional and Environmental Economic Studies of the Department of Geography, Geoeconomy and Sustainable Development presented their development ideas for the 11th district to the experts of the Budapest Development Centre (BFK). 

The students' task was to assess the land use patterns, service and green space provision, transport and real estate market situation in the selected urban sub-areas, and to formulate their recommendations, reflecting on the challenges and problem areas, strengths and opportunities identified. 

The collaboration between the BFK and the Department of Geo provided an excellent platform for the students to demonstrate their knowledge and professionalism to the planning community and to provide valuable insights for future research directions.
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