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Research Week: Learn about Software at CUB

Software already accessible or potentially soon available at CUB will be presented in a series of events organised by the Research Management Office.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
In his English-language presentation Volker Kraft, JMP’s European ambassador is going to talk about the academic and research opportunities offered by JMP. The presentation is in two parts. The first one (Why JMP?) on Monday, 14 June is an introduction to the software, while the second one (Advanced Analytics using JMP Pro) on Tuesday, 15 June gives an overview of the more sophisticated uses of JMP. To get an idea of what to expect, please watch the following very short videos before attending the events:

1. "JMP in 60 seconds" here 
2. "The Power of JMP Pro" here

Other software including SPSS, Matlab, MAXQDA, EndNote, Nvivo as well as Tableau and Microstrategy will be introduced by Corvinus Faculty who have had extensive experience in using them. These presentations will be in Hungarian.

The knowledge gained in these sessions will hopefully allow Corvinus Faculty to make informed choices about the software they use in teaching and research in the future.

For further details regarding the Research Week, please contact Éva Bordás-Tóth or access here.
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