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RE-ACT – Self-reflection Tools for Regionally Operating, Smart Universities

Report on the HEInnovate for RIS3 RE-ACT Project supporting the development of a regional innovation strategy for higher education institutions, in which the staff of the Department of Geography, Geoeconomy and Sustainable Development also participate
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RE-ACT is an Erasmus+ project aimed at exploiting the potential of existing self-reflection tools, in particular HEInnovate, in the design and implementation of RIS3.

HEInnovate is a self-assessment tool for higher education institutions that intends to explore their innovation potential.
‘HEInnovate for RIS3’ aims to support higher education institutions in rethinking their strategy, structure and actions through a holistic approach to innovation and entrepreneurship, regionally embedded and supported by cooperative relationships between key players in the quadruple helix.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
The aim of the project...

  •  … exploit the potential of HEINNOVATE to support regionally embedded and responsible SMART universities by playing a key role in RIS3 through the coordination of their individual and common tools and the support of regional policies for sustainable research and innovation;
  • … encourage the introduction of organisational changes in higher education institutions based on the effective use of the ‘HEINNOVATE for RIS3’ self-assessment tool, developing a common position of higher education institutions on regional development in the knowledge of the results;
  • … support the involvement of several interested parties in the optimisation processes of higher education institutions and their participation in different decision-making approaches, including the planning, implementation and control processes of the RIS3;
  •  … mainstream RE-ACT's resources and participatory processes with the direct support of other higher education institutions and actors in order for ‘HEINNOVATE for RIS3’ self-assessment tool to be fully utilised; 
  •  … raise awareness of RE-ACT, involving key actors and to ensure the high quality, relevance, innovation, usability and sustainability of the project's methodology, resources and results;
  •  … establish and support effective communication, joint learning, cooperation between partners in order to successfully achieve the project objectives
Results of the project so far

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
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