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Our students successfully participated in Students’ Associations Conference of Agricultural Sciences

The 35th section started with the Agricultural Science Section. NSSAC conference series. Our agricultural students were represented this year with a record number of 10 dissertations. In addition to two second and one third places, our competing students also won two special prizes.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
Agricultural and food marketing department:
  • Second place: Márk Maral Zalán - The situation of the EU organic label among Hungarian consumers - Factors of familiarity and regular shopping, consultant: dr. Áron Török
  • Special prize: André Edina - The situation of artisanal beer consumption in Hungary, through the example of Legenda Brewery, supervisor: dr. Balogh Jeremiah Matthew

Department of Agricultural Economics:
  • Second place: András Báló - Is the juice of cheap meat diluted? Agri-environmental model of the EU-South American Common Market in the light of the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement, consultant: dr. Mátyás Szabó
  • Third place: Maróty Mariann Mimi - Investigation of the competitiveness of agricultural trade in Uganda, with special regard to the coffee trade, supervisor: dr. Balogh Jeremiah Matthew
  • Special prize: Márk Zóán Maró - The Hungarian brandy sector - factors influencing the profitability of wage breweries and commercial breweries, consultant: dr. Áron Török
Congratulations to the students and their consultants!
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