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On the way to the three crowns: Corvinus aims to world class

Dr. Oszkar Zoltán Szántó was appointed the head of International Relations and Accreditations (NKA) of Corvinus in October 2020. We talked to him about the goals, challenges, accreditation procedures for 2021 and the international opportunities for faculty and students.
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From 15 October 2020, Dr. Zoltán Oszkár Szántó will hold the position of International Rector - International Leader at Corvinus, who was previously the Director of the Institute of Sociology and Social Policy, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and then Vice-Rector for Education and later General.

As Deputy General Rector, I also managed the field of international relations from 2018 to 2019, one of the important results of this period was the creation of an MBA program offered jointly with Fudan University,” he added. deeper embedding of accreditations in university processes. 
He stressed that in line with the university strategy, he would like Corvinus (accredited by AACSB, AMBA, EFMD) to become a so-called “three-crown” institution in the coming years. 

The various accreditations provide students and lecturers with a guarantee that the institution provides truly high-quality, up-to-date knowledge that meets international quality standards to the maximum. The Corvinus Faculty of Management won the EFMD-EQUIS certification in 2018 and the AMBA accreditation last year. The university also has several other (e.g. program-level) accreditations and certifications as a result of the conscious efforts of recent years.

EQUIS accreditation is the most comprehensive institutional accreditation system for business and management schools, with 102 institutions in Europe, including one Hungarian, Corvinus, said Zoltán Szántó, adding that accreditations are for a definite period of time, so this means that if an institution does not want to lose its rating, it must constantly evolve. After the university received its accreditation for three years in 2018, 2021 is about renewing it. 

"Last October, the good news came from the EFMD international accreditation organization that we could extend the former EQUIS qualification obtained by the Faculty of Business Administration to an institutional level, so that the university as a whole is already involved in the next accreditation process. remains in the areas of management."

The AMBA is one of the best-known international certification organizations focusing on business schools, including the certification and development of MBA courses. It was accredited by Corvinus last year. 

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"Accreditations are an excellent opportunity for all citizens of the university. Instructors can say for themselves that they are truly working in an internationally leading institution, which is an excellent certificate and an international guarantee of quality. For the university, it means an increase in prestige and is an essential tool for brand building to obtain the best possible qualifications. And students gain a significant advantage in the labor market if they graduate from an institution or training with international accreditations, the expert listed the benefits of obtaining qualifications." He said the epidemic situation has also thoroughly reversed the process of certification, which is basically a long, multi-step process and usually includes visits to accreditation bodies. Now almost everything happens online, and that poses new challenges.

He added that one of the overarching strategic goals of the renewable university is internationalization, ie to increase the quality of international students and lecturers, and to provide BCE Hungarian students and lecturers with even more international professional opportunities, for which further increasing the institution's international recognition is essential. Zoltán Szántó also pointed out that another goal is to provide greater mobility opportunities for lecturers, as well as to improve international research opportunities, and at the same time to host outstanding foreign researchers within the framework of the Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies.

The head of international relations and accreditations said the optimistic scenario is that in 2022, Corvinus could also gain AACSB accreditation, making it one of the best universities in the world in the fields it cultivates.

The world-class performance set out in the Renewal Program can only be truly realized if each employee feels the goals are important. The acquired accreditations open new doors for us to be an internationally known and recognized institution, which we can be proud of together, -said Zoltán Szántó.

More information about the benefits of EQUIS accreditation can be found on the Newsweek website for our university.

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