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Information on submitting a thesis in the autumn semester of 2020/2021

The deadline for submitting thesis works gets closer and closer. Because of that, we collected all the necessary information and documents that you need to attach alongside with your thesis work.
CLICK HERE to see the deadlines of each program and the steps of submitting the thesis work on Neptun or Moodle. 

All the other useful and important deadlines can be found HERE. (Enter Moodle thesis course, filling out forms, upload thesis work section). 

Documents you need to attach alongside with your thesis:
  • declaration about not committing plagiarism during writing the thesis
  • declaration of the participation of the final thesis defence
  • declaration from your supervisor
  • declaration of whether the thesis was written during parallel program (only if it is relevant)
  • declaration of the thesis’s publicity 
Download these documents here, here and here.
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