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Get more convenience for online administration / More convenience features for online administration

Although we cannot wait to see you in person in the new Student Office, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our services will be still primarily available online. To adapt to the situation, we have created several convenient services for you to manage your administrational tasks online, for example the informational digital portal, the dowloadable Certificate of Enrollment or the appointment booking service.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
You can use the following options to get your administrative tasks done smoothly:

(1) Find the answer to your questions via our digital platform “Do it online” / “Self Care”
Link to the English full-time BA and MA programs

(2) If you need assistance regarding a topic that is not listed on our digital platform, you can write an e-mail to the relevant thematic e-mail address, where our colleagues are waiting for your questions:

  • in case of study related questions (English full-time BA and MA programs): to,
  • in case of scholarship related questions: to,
  • Erasmus or other part-time studies (application, travel, documents): to,
  • you can uninterruptedly submit all your requests listed in the study and examination regulations through Neptun,
  • if you need a Certificate of Enrollment or a Credit Certificate in electronic format, you can still uninterruptedly download them from Neptun.

(3) If you need a document in the original paper format that is not listed above, or if you need assistance regarding a topic that requires personal consultation, you can book an appointment here.

Please note that you can only initiate an electronic administration task or communication from your …… e-mail address. Letters sent from other private e-mail addresses are automatically rejected.

Please keep an eye on the university communication where we are providing you up-to-date information. 
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