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Corvinus success in the Case Study Competition

The Frange Consulting team, formed by Péter Korsós, István Kövér and Balázs Molnár, undergraduate students in business informatics, took second place in the CoMIS international business informatics case study competition organized by the University of Minnesota.
This year’s online competition consisted of two rounds. In the first round, the competitors had to process one case in 5 hours. The case highlighted the challenges of a charity that provides free air travel for medical care to those in need in rural America. 

In the second round, the teams had 24 hours to make proposals for the digital transformation of an agricultural enterprise, a dairy farm. After the first round of the presentations, the teams that made it to the finals, including our university team, were given an additional 45 minutes to rethink their presentation based on unexpected information (the so-called ZAP factor). 

The final presentations were judged by an expert jury, which also included representatives of the company providing the competition case. The first place went to the University of Iowa, second at Corvinus University, and third place went to the University of Indiana team. 

Preparatory instructors:
  • Márta Aranyossy
  • Péter Fehér
  • Krisztián Varga
More information about the competition is available here, and the list of universities participating in the competition in 2021 is available here.

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