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Corvinus met with success at the CheckINN 2020 Tourism Innovation Competition

The winners of the second CheckINN Tourism Innovation Competition were announced in mid-January, and the brainstorming competition lasted nearly half a year.
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Teams of 3 people could enter the competition, the participants were able to compare their innovation proposals in the field of tourism in two rounds. Their creativity was judged by a jury with decades of experience.

The ideas of 210 students from a total of 70 teams competed, and the end result speaks for itself, as Corvinus students were overwhelmingly successful in all three categories: not only did our university students excel in each, but there were a good number of Corvinus on the podium in the second and third stages.

The prize for the winning teams was 3-3 million forints.

Hotel catering category

First place:
  • Multicultural (BCE)
  • Team members: Melitta Kucsera, Nikolett Fábián, Dóra Nguyen
  • Consultant: Pinke-Sziva Ivett
Second place:

  • Team members: Anna Sábián, Franciska Teker, Boglárka Lóránth
  • Consultant: Krisztina Keller
Active tourism category

Shared first place:
  • Water Cinema VíziMozi (BCE)
  • Team members: Horváth Regina, Klisóczki Fanni, Nagy Nagy
  • Consultant: none
Third place:

  • Hontekergő (BCE)
  • Team members: Bori Sipos, Zsanett Őrsi, Ádám Brándisz
  • Consultant: Lívia Pintér-Szabó
Spa and wellness category

First place:
  • RoomSPA (BCE)
  • Team members: Tünde Dorottya Kiss, Nikolett Zsámboki, Réka Fülöp
  • Consultant: Lívia Szabóné Pintér
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