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CIAS Research Fellow in the 4th Final of the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award

Dr. Renáta Petra Renáta is an assistant professor at CIAS, Corvinus Operations Research Center, Research Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical and Statistical Modeling. As the next step in his outstanding career as a Memorial Award winner, Gyula Farkas is now comparing his knowledge with his competitors in the 4th final of the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award.
Budapesti Corvinus EgyetemDr. Petra Renáta Rigó, senior lecturer, is a research fellow at CIAS, Corvinus Center for Operations Research, Institute of Mathematics and Statistical Modeling. As the next step in her outstanding career as a Gyula Farkas Commemorative Prize winner, she is now comparing her knowledge with her competitors in the 4th final of the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award.
The EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award (EDDA) was introduced in 2003, and recognizes the OR contribution of doctoral students and scholars with less than two years of research experience since earning their doctoral degree.
The entries consist of doctoral dissertations completed after the deadline of the previous EURO Doctoral Thesis Award competition. Participants must defend their dissertation at a European university. Finalists are invited to present their work at a special meeting of the EURO Conference. The winner will be decided by a jury at the end of the extraordinary meeting, and the result will be announced at the closing meeting of the EURO Conference. Only one prize is awarded each time.
During her professional career, Petra Renáta Rigó has published 28 scientific publications with her co-authors, 9 of which have been published in Q1 or Q2 rated journals. She has presented her results at more than 10 international conferences, and has been an active participant in a number of research projects. She has also won various applications, such as the New National Excellence Program, the Nation’s Young Talent Scholarship or the Collegium Talentum Talent Development Program, and has also received research awards. In 2018, she won the Gyula Kőnig Youth Research Award.
Congratulations on reaching the finals, and good luck!

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