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Lecture by James E. Austin

Organized by Rajk Vocational College
2021. March 4., 18:00
1093 Budapest Online event

The Herbert Simon Prize was founded in 2004 by Rajk Vocational College. The membership of the college recognizes the theoretical specialists whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the solution of practical economic problems and have had a significant impact on the professional development and thinking of college students.

Tanár a hallgatók előtt 

The Rajk College for Advanced Studies postponed the 2019 Herbert Simon Prize-winning performance last year in view of the coronavirus, and due to the still uncertain situation, the ceremonial award ceremony and the performance will be held online (live at the event).

The 2019 Herbert Simon Prize winner is James E. Austin, professor emeritus at Harvard Business School. Professor Austin’s research has focused on cross-sectoral collaborations, but his publications cover several topics, such as the motivations of business professionals in the nonprofit sector, or the strategic opportunities of the Internet from a civilian perspective. His work has been recognized with a number of awards, with the Ashoka Institution Award in 2008 and his career recognition for his collaborative research in 2012.

The registration link can be found in the description of the Facebook event.

The publication for the professor's arrival can be found online in a page-by-page format
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