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Youth and democracy: a new international publication by our colleagues, Godfred Bonnah és Attila Bartha

Our colleagues – Godfred Bonnah, PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of International and Political Science and Attila Bartha, associate professor at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences – focus on a question that is highly relevant for the political systems of the future in their newest publication in the prestigious journal, Contemporary Politics.

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Their paper investigates whether a country’s youth cohort size and quality of democracy, independently and jointly predict young people’s propensity to support democracy as a political system. They use pooled data from World Values Survey Waves 5–7, comprising 25,125 observations from 39 established and new democracies, in multilevel binary logistic regression analyses. The paper finds evidence that firstly, against conventional expectations, a large youth cohort exerts a positive influence on young people’s support for democracy as a political system. Secondly, the effect of youth cohort size depends on the quality of democracy of countries: young people growing as part of the youth cohorts in established democracies show stronger propensities to support democracy than their peers in new democracies.

The publication is available here.

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