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WSL Forum 2022  

The Poznan School of Logistics has been organising the WSL FORUM conference regularly since 2005, this year being the 9th edition.

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

The aim of this year’s conference was to present research results, exchange of views and experiences on logistics in a broader sense. The conference allowed the presentation of the latest research results, the exchange of ideas and the discussion of new ideas and concepts in an intensively developing field of knowledge and practice such as modern logistics. In addition to participants from Polish academic institutions, the conference also brought together researchers from foreign academic centres.  

Dr Judit Nagy associate professor of Corvinus University of Budapest was the chair of the Contemporary challenges of supply chain session. Dr Nagy participated the 9th WSL Forum International Conference with the presentation entitled: ‘Use of Big Data Analysis to Identify Possible Sources of Supply Chain Disruption through the DOTMLPFI Method’.  

Abstract of the presented paper

The presented research deals with the investigation of how big data analytics can help to predict possible disruption events in the supply chains. There are many internal and external sources of supply chain disruption, giving room for the potential application of Big Data Analysis (BDA) as early warning tools. To identify the suitable data sources, the specific DOTMLPFI methodology is applied. The supply chain can be considered as a complex system with wide spectrum of possible sources of internal and external disruptions. Since the individual entities of the supply chains that make up the supply chain operate in a particular environment, interact with this environment show a certain level of mutual interdependency. This set of interconnected interactions within the supply chain will be the unit of the analysis. 

To analyse possible application of the BDA to identify sources of supply chain disruptions the DOTMLPFI methodology is applied for systematic identification of the data sources suitable for overall system evaluation. The research focuses on the assessment of the operational sustainability and resilience of the supply chain as a system towards internal and external disruptions through possible application of BDA as an early warning tool. The presented analytical framework provides a starting point for individual supply chain entities to systematically analyse the activities that determine their resilience and to utilize the BDA to identify disruptive events in time or in advance. 

The complexity of supply chains together with increasing possibilities of digital applications necessitates a new analytical framework for evaluation of the overall supply chain, with possible application of new data sources and analytical approaches. The BDA with suitable data sources identified systematically by DOTMLPFI methodology could help to improve overall supply chain resilience and long-term sustainability, in a systematic structured manner. 

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