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What does the Corporate and Institutional Relations division of the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) offer to researchers and professors?

Corporate and Institutional Relations division

Cooperation with the business sector: 

  • Establishing active and mutually beneficial connections between the University’s professors, researchers, and private sector (from SMEs to multinationals)
  • Offering of the institutions’ intellectual competences, as services to partners
  • Informing professors about intellectual property, patents, and trademarks and helping in the procedures to achieve it
  • Creating direct, one-channel connections to business partners, with the aim of creating a hub/platform/space for corporate collaborations
  • Hosting events for companies, together with the University’s professors and researches (e.g. SKEOF conferences and TOP100 Corporate Conference at CUB)
  • Finding potential sponsors for events, competitions organized or coorganized by CUB (e.g. Danube Cup)

Improving educational collaborations:

  • Channelling demands of partner enterprises to the university’s academic life
  • Promoting the entrepreneurial mindset among students, researchers and professors
  • Implementing corporate projects and case studies either into the curriculum or separate research initiatives (e.g. MVM/NKM case solving competition)
  • Creating unique modules through the Non-Degree educational/training programs
  • Identifying potential partners for dual education and internships, assisting with the contracting process
  • Organizing and hosting start-up competitions, assisting with the mentoring system

Technology transfer, commercialization of research and innovation results:

  • Incentivising result-oriented technology transfer and innovation management, for example through implementing research findings into the curriculum
  • Commercializing the university’s research findings through corporate collaborations (e.g. publications, patents, trademarks)
  • Supporting research and publications by including our corporate and institutional partners and gaining access to their resources (e.g. non-public databases)

Monitoring and tracking funding possibilities (within Hungary), generating projects (starting from April 1st, 2021):

  • Monitoring calls and public tenders that are relevant to the University’s profile (including education, research, industry development and innovation, infrastructure development). Tender monitoring also includes opportunities which require tendering as a consortium. (e.g. EU-funds within the framework of the “future Széchenyi Plan” and NKFIH)
  • Creating projects for these tenders, coordinating them within the University and assisting with securing funds or finding corporate or academic partners
  • Coordinating the tender writing process 

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