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VOCAL conference at Corvinus 

The 9th VOCAL Optimization Conference: Advanced Algorithms was organized at the Corvinus University of Budapest between May 25-27, 2022. More than 60 researchers from 10 different countries and two continents attended this event.

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This year, with the support of Hungarian Operations Research Society (HORS) Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) hosted the 9th VOCAL Optimization Conference: Advanced Algorithms. Members of Corvinus Center for Operations Research (CCOR), Marianna Eisenberg-Nagy and Miklós Pintér were in the Program Committee of the conference. Tibor Illés was the chair and Petra Renáta Rigó the secretary of the Organizing Committee. The conference was opened by Tamara Keszey Vice-Rector for Research.

Prof. Lešaja gives his plenary talk at VOCAL Conference

For three days, CUB was a meeting point of researchers in computational mathematical optimization, game theory and operations research from 10 countries. In 19 sessions, 57 research talks each of 30 minutes has been delivered, with extremely vibrant discussions about the theory, algorithms, and novel applications of operations research.

The plenary speakers with high international reputation came from Germany, US, and France. Professor Goran Lešaja from Georgia Southern University gave an excellent overview on recent progress in interior-point algorithms for solving linear complementarity problems (LCPs) which is closely related to many important, applied optimization problems including portfolio optimization and market equilibrium problems as well. Professor Mirjam Dür from Augsburg University spoke about recent developments in conic optimization and its applications. Professor Michel Grabisch from Institut Universitaire de France gave a talk about random generation of capacities for different games. The discussions initiated by the plenary lectures naturally continued in many invited sessions, where, among others, the researchers and doctoral students of Corvinus University presented their latest results.

The 10th VOCAL conference will also be organized at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2024.

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