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University e-mail address and CUSMAN identifier

E-mail system and CUSMAN access

E-mail correspondence is a basic service for both students and staff, there is actually no need to request it separately.

You will receive a university e-mail address as a basic service. This should be used for the official purposes.


  • firstname.lastname (if there are identical names in the system, a number is added) @stud.uni-corvinus.hu
  • e.g. someone.sample 3@stud.uni-corvinus.hu
  • You may check your e-mail address on the Cusman page 
  • You can access your mails on the Microsoft 365 interface

The CUSMAN system (Central User Administration System) allows the various IT services to be used with the same username and password, the only exceptions being the Neptun and Poszeidon systems.

What is Cusman good for?

  • You can check the password expiry period, which is a maximum of 1 year
  • You can change your password
  • You can check your mobile phone number. This might be useful in case you forget your password, as it will be sent as an SMS to the registered phone number. As a student you can change this number in Neptun (Staff can use Cusman for the same purpose)
  • You can check how many distribution lists you are included in and you can manage the lists if you are an administrator
  • You can set the language of Windows, whether it should be Hungarian or English in computer rooms, lecture rooms
  • You can access the name of shared drivesFurther information on CUSMAN

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