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The International Student Club welcomed the new international students

This newly formed student organisation helps the integration of international students through team-building events and workgroups.

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Kapcsolódó események

The establishment of the International Student Club was the next essential step in the life of Corvinus Students’ Union to enhance the integration of international students. The purpose of the new Club is to provide a stronger platform for all students where they can connect, communicate and share ideas with the Student Union and each other. This is a forum, where we meet, cooperate and organize events together. Our long-term goal is to create a Students’ Union agenda that equally focuses on the needs of the international and Hungarian students. In the last semester, we already involved more than 300 students in our programmes, and in the next semesters, we would like to reach all international students in the University.

A taster from our events:

ISC Grand Opening: In October, we held our first event of this academic year, namely the Grand Opening of the International Student Club. Its purpose was to introduce the idea of the ISC to the international students and to start to build our community. Our guests included more than 40 international students and many members from the most important student organizations which are working with international students like the Erasmus Student Network or AIESEC. The event was a perfect opportunity for the students to build connections via different games including the all-time popular beer-pong. After the competition, the top 3 teams were awarded Hungarian gourmet specialties.

Sightseeing Tour: The International Student Club took more than 60 foreign students on a bus tour around Budapest followed by a boat tour on the Danube. They were accompanied by an English-speaking guide who showed them around the city telling them interesting stories and facts. The sightseeing tour was first held in October 2021 with the plan to be a reoccurring event every semester. 

Latin Night: The International Student Club partnered up with some Latin-American students from the university for this project in November. During this cultural event, the audience was introduced to the Latin-American culture. There were amazing performances such as dancing, singing, and a colorful fashion show. The Latin-American students also prepared traditional foods for the guests as well, and they even held a QUIZ party about their culture, where the audience could win prizes if they answered right.

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