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Survey – Needs assessment

In the first week of September, a survey was conducted among foreign students.

We wanted to know how much interest we could expect in library training sessions. The questionnaire consisted of 3 closed and one open question. It was sent to 2100 students, of which 333 (15%) completed it. We mainly wanted to target the students graduating in the autumn and spring semesters of the academic year 2022/23, but the opinions of other students were also very informative.

Our questions were:

1.When will you graduate from university?


2. Would you like to participate in short 30-45 minutes training sessions?


3. Preferred type of training (in-person/online)


4. Other ideas, suggestions

Proposals on library holdings: Respondents want more relevant scholarly literature in English. Recommending new books could be a solution, check links Book request and Browse and order ebooks.

Requests related to literature search: 38% of respondents indicated that they would welcome courses on literature search. The library can fulfil this request 100%, just check “Current training sessions” button on the library’s website and choose the training you need.

Research Methodology: we can also provide help with this in the context of Research Methodology consultations.

Fake news literacy: We do not offer training specifically on this topic, but the source evaluation offered in our training courses can provide some guidance.

Academic Writing: Unfortunately, this service has been discontinued in the library from this autumn.

New ideas: requests were made for Systematic Literature Review course and sessions for usage of reference management softwares. We are open to it.

Other: longer library opening hours, use of free softwares (e.g. Canva).

Almost a third of the responses contained ideas that were beyond the library’s competence, such as: language learning support, learning methodology, thesis recommendations, proofreading and reviewing, book club, conference support, improving contact with lecturers, using data analysis software, career guidance.

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