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Student ID stickers available

From October 19 for the academic year of 2021/2022 Autumn Semester

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Kapcsolódó események

Please note that student ID stickers for the 2021/2022 fall semester will be available for you to pick up from 19th October, 2021 in the Student Service Area.

In case

  • you have a valid, undamaged student ID card,
  • or if you have received a notification in a Neptun message about the arrival of your student ID card, and
  • your student status for the 2021/2022 fall semester is active

then you can pick up your student ID validating sticker for the 2021/2022 fall semester, starting from 19th October, 2021.

When and where?

You need to come to the Student Service Area personally, with a valid identity card or passport.

In case

  • you already have a valid, undamaged student ID card then you need to bring it to the Student Service Area,
  • you do not have a valid student ID card, but you received a notification about its arrival, then first you will receive the student ID card from our
  • Student Helpers when you arrive to the Student Service Area, and then, our colleagues will validate it for you in booths 1 – 4.

You can authorise someone to pick up your student ID for you. The authorised person has to bring your student ID card and this filled-in and signed Power of Attorney form.

In order to avoid long queues, it would be preferred if the first few days could be reserved for emergency cases only.

New types of university ID cards are valid for 9 years at the maximum, until the 31st March of the 9th year, after the date of issuance. This is the last year when they can be validated with a sticker. (You can check the date of expiry of your student ID card in Neptun under the data of your student ID card, or it can also be seen at the back side of your student ID card.)

A student ID card, validated with a sticker can be used until 31st March (in case of a sticker for a fall semester) and until 31st October (in case of a sticker for a spring semester.)

Transport providers will accept university student ID cards for 60 days after the end of the epidemological emergency situation in case they are validated with stickers for one of the following semesters:

  • 2019/2020/1
  • 2019/2020/2
  • 2020/2021/1
  • 2020/2021/2.
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