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Specialisation selection period

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

Dear Student,

You will have the opportunity to choose your specialisation on Neptun on 12 December 2022. In order to help you choose a specialisation, each specialisation coordinator/institution will organise a briefing, to find out which specialisation is the most suitable for you and will also explain the conditions for entry. You can find out more about the entry criteria in the training programme.

Applications can be submitted via Neptun from 12.12.2022 (12:00) to 18.12.2022 (23:59):

Neptun -> Administration -> Module selection -> Choose semester -> Listing

After listing, rank the specialisations and submit.
If you have problems finding the content please check out our video for help.

Please note that not all courses require chosen specialisation, and if there is a compulsory subject in the current semester that is a prerequisite for admission to a specialisation (regardless of whether you have already taken or passed such a subject), you will only find out which specialisation you have been admitted to, after you have passed the semester exams.
If you want to change specialisation after your already chose one, you can request a change once after one semester by filling out the “Change of specialisation” form.

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