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Season’s greetings to our students from the leaders of the Corvinus University

Merry Christmas!

The Holiday, the moment of intimacy, family and being with loved ones have never been more meaningful than in these extraordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically rewritten the way the world operates, and has brought significant changes in all our lives, along with many restrictions and self-restrictions. It has transformed the way we live, study and work. Whether we want it or not, it has influenced our sense of security, while anxiety for one’s own and family’s health and livelihood has become part of many people’s lives.

Season s Greetings


The year 2020 presented our university with unexpected challenges also. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, we had to move our entire education system to the virtual space almost overnight, and had to prepare our professors and students alike for this transition. The closure of country borders and travel restrictions have been an additional burden on our international students. 

Nonetheless, along with the many challenges, this period had some positive aspects also. In such moments, the motivating power of teamwork, perseverance, and a desire for knowledge, which especially describes the students of Corvinus can really become apparent.

Be especially proud of yourselves and your peers for being able to successfully complete the academic obligations, pass exams or graduate even in these exceptional circumstances.

The year 2020 was a special year for Corvinus for another reason too. After its transition to operate as a foundation, Corvinus has begun an intensive renewal process, which could enable it to become a leading university of Economics and Social Sciences in Central Europe within the next few years.

During the year you have probably heard about or experienced many elements and results of this renewal process. For example: 

  • We have begun to transform all our courses, keeping in mind the competency development of students and the expectations of the labor market. An essential element of this that instead of the heavily theory focused education, the emphasis now is on practical problem-solving lessons, group and project work, with the involvement of key practitioners and corporate partners. The long-term goal of the transformation is also to make the undergraduate courses truly foundational, and to enable students in MA programs to acquire specialized knowledge.
  • We have renewed many of our faculties in order to become more competitive. In autumn, 2020, we launched our renewed Applied Economics (BA), International Management (BA), Economic Analyst (MA) and Executive Master of Business Administration courses. This list will continue in 2021 with several reformed courses, including the Business Administration and Management (BA), which combines the former Trade and Marketing (BA), Tourism and Hospitality (BA), Human resources (BA), and Rural Development Agricultural Engineer (BA) courses, in order to provide the knowledge needed for Master programs thanks to a much broader focus through many specializations.
  • We have created a new Corvinus brand that meets the expectations of authenticity, professionalism and durability, allowing our students to use many of its elements freely and also proudly, we hope.
  • Moreover, in the spirit of a student-centered approach, we have built a new, modern, open-plan student office, we are supporting the administration by introducing an online platform, and a newly developed MyCorvinus mobile application combining the most important functions of organization, planning, orientation and information, which you have already started to use.
  • The transformation of Corvinus will not have an impact on the opportunities for talented young people to continue their studies, be it a BA or an MA course. Knowledge will always be the priority for us as opposed to one’s family background or financial situation. With the introduction of the performance-based Corvinus Scholarship, which can already be obtained with an average of 3.8, 85% of our full-time BA students’ and 95% of our full-time MA students’ full tuition will be waived this year.

Although the winter exam period is still ahead of you, try to rest during the last days of the year, enjoy being with your family, and the preparation for and magic of the Holidays. It is likely that this Christmas will not be the same as usual, but perhaps that’s why we’ll have more time for each other and ourselves.

We wish all our dear Students good health, happiness and rest during the Holidays. See you soon and let’s tackle the tasks ahead of us with a renewed energy!

December, 2020

Principal András Lánczi
President Anthony Radev
Chancellor Ákos Domahidi

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