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Schedule for the 2022/2023 academic year

for doctoral students

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2022/2023 academic year – Doctoral Students

2022/2023 academic year start and finish dates:

First day of the Autumn semester 2022/202301/09/2022
Last day of the Autumn semester 2022/202331/01/2023
First day of the Spring semester 2022/202301/02/2023
Last day of the Spring semester 2022/202331/08/2023

General academic year schedule

Academic year 2022/2023. Autumn semester
Doctoral semester01.09.2022.- 31.01.2023. 
Registration period29.0.2022.- 11.09.2022.2 weeks
Study period05.09.2022.- 18.12.2022.14 weeks
Examination period19.12.2022.12.19.-22.01.2023.4 weeks
Academic year 2022/2023. Spring semester
Doctoral semester01.02.2023.- 31.08.2023. 
Registration period06.02.2023.-19.02.2023.2 weeks
Study period13.02.2023.02.13.-26.05.2023.14 weeks
Examination period30.05.2023.05.30.-25.06.2023.4 weeks

Public holidays and transferred working days

15/October/2022 (Saturday)transferred workday (31.10)
23/October/2022 (Sunday)national holiday
31/October/2022 (Monday)rest day
1/November/2022 (Friday)All Saints’ Day
24/December/2022 (Saturday)Christmas Eve
25-26/December/2022 (Saturday-Sunday)Christmas
1/January/2023 (Saturday)New Year
15/March/2023 (Wednesday)national holiday
7/April/2023 (Friday)Good Friday
9-10/April/2023 (Sunday-Monday)Easter
1/May/2023 (Monday)Labour Day
28-29//May/2023 (Sunday-Monday)Pentecost

University will be closed due to national holidays (no teaching)

23/October/2022 (Sunday)national holiday
29/October- 1/November/2022 (Saturday-Friday)All Saints’ Day, rest day
23/December/2022 – 2/January/2023Christmas and New Year – Winter break
7-10/April/2023 (Friday-Monday)Good Friday and Easter
29/April-1/May/2023Labour Day
27-29/June/2022 (Saturday-Monday)Pentecost

In details

Detailed general academic year schedule

Academic year 2022/2023, Autumn semester
Registration period29.08.2022-11.09.20222 weeks
Academic weeks12.09.2022-22.10.20227 weeks
Autumn break24.10.2022-28.10.20221 week
Academic weeks02.11.2022-18.12.20227 weeks
Final examination period I.05.12.2022-09.12.20221 week
Examination period19.12.2022-22.12.20221 week
University closed23.12.2022-02.01.20231 week
Examination period03.01.2023-22.01.20233 weeks
Academic year 2022/2023, Spring semester
Registration period06.02.2023-19.02.20232 weeks
Academic weeks13.02.2023-02.04.20237 weeks
Spring break03.04.2023-06.04.20231 week
Academic weeks17.04.2023-26.05.20237 weeks
Examination period30.05.2023-25.06.20234 weeks
Summer breakfrom 03.07.2023 

Detailed schedule of the academic year related to study administration

Academic year 2022/2023 Autumn semester

 ACTIVITYStartDayHourFinishDay Hour
1Opening of the academic year (the final date and place to be determined by Communication Department)21.08.202204.09.2022
2Enrolment for doctoral programs (first semester admitted students for 2022/2023/1 semester) according to specific time schedule given in the semester start information. (prepared by CDS)29.08.2022Monday09.09.2022Friday
3Registration for the 1st semester of 2022/2023, doctoral programs29.08.2022Monday09.09.2022Friday12:00
4Final course registration period (course registration and cancellation)29.08.2022Monday09.09.2022Friday12:00
5Fall break24.10.2022Monday28.10.2022Friday
6Registration for fall semester exams.28.11.2022Friday12:0019.01.2023Thursday23:59
7Examination period 1st week for all semester courses19.12.2022Monday22.12.2022Thursday
8University Closed23.12.2022Friday02.01.2023Monday
9Examination period 2-4 weeks03.01.2023Tuesday21.01.2023Saturday

Academic year 2022/2023 Spring semester

 ACTIVITYStartDayHourFinishDay Hour
1Semester enrolment and registration for doctoral students for the semester 2022/2023/ 17.02.2023Friday12:00
2Final course registration period (course registration and cancellation.06.02.2023Monday 17.02.2023Friday12:00
3Spring break03.04.2023Monday 06.04.2023Thursday 
4Registration for spring semester exams.08.05.2023Monday10:0022.06.2023Thursday23:59
5Exam period, 1st-4th weeks for students not taking the final exam (semester organised)30.05.2023Tuesday 25.06.2023Saturday 
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