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Research News from the Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies (CIAS)

CIAS 2020/21/2. félév (2021. tavasz)

CIAS ösztöndíjas kutatók

  • Frau Moreno (junior research fellow, 2021.04.30-ig) Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellow ösztöndíjat nyert (mentor: Keszey Tamara, Marketing Intézet)
  • Three new researchers started their fellowship at CIAS on the 1st of February. All of them have were actively involved in the activities of different faculties at the university.

Adél Pásztor (senior research fellow) arrived from Newcastle University. Her research topic focuses on the changing nature of higher education and the proposed study offers a scientific contribution to the scholarship on the academic profession, while the proposed analysis of Central Eastern European scholars’ trajectories will add a further insight into the role of international mobility on academic careers both within and outside of CEE region. She earned her doctoral degree at the Corvinus University of Budapest so she is collaborating with the colleagues of Institute of Sociology and Social Policy from the very beginning of her fellowship.

Primož Medved (junior research fellow) is an assistant professor at the Centre for Spatial Sociology, University of Ljubljana. His project focuses on to develop the CEE sustainable neighbourhoods model which will be based on (a) already implemented “role model” sustainable neighbourhood examples and (b) on local unique CEE socio-urban characteristics

Amira Mouhaker (invited junior research fellow) has already developed a great cooperation with the colleagues of the Institute of Information Technology and applied for the CIAS fellowship upon their encouragement.The title of her research project is: Mining of patterns from complex big datasets.

Moreover, on 1 March 2021 Helmuts Azacis (invited research fellow) will join the work of the Corvinus Center for Operations Research upon their invitation. He will also continue his joint research with Péter Vida (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Franciaország) titled Repeated Implementation of the Competitive Outcome.

Eurázsia Kutatóközpont megalakulása: 2021. február 15. (A hír angolul is megjelent.)

Another new, CIAS based, reserach center was established on the 1st of February. The Family, Household & Economy Research Centre (FamEcon) will start and run two multidisciplinary research projects. The Families, States and Intergenerational Economy (FSIE) project aims to produce empirical results that shift the current mainstream of social policy research by adding families as providers of inter-age transfers to the analytical framework and to become a research group of European significance applying the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) framework, which extends the scope of analysis by including intra-familial transfers and the household economy.

Meanwhile the Household, Financial Culture and Financial Inclusion (HFCFI) project focuses on the examination of the financial knowledge and behaviour of households as well as the preferences, values, attitudes and cultural patterns behind it and it plans to investigate the relationship between financial exclusion and well-being

The book titled Geopolitics in the Twenty-First Century: Territories, Identities, and Foreign Policies edited (and co-authored) by Nuno Morgado (former CIAS junior research fellow) was published on 27 January 2021. The book is dedicated to geopolitics in the 21st century. Despite the great variety of the authors’ academic background and the methodologies, all chapters address the core(s) of geopolitical thought – the territorial and identity-based realities that shape politics, foreign policies, and grand strategies.

CCOR (Corvinus Centre for Operations Research)

  • Az Optimizitation seminar című szemináriumsorozat folytatása 2020/21/2 félévben. Az első alkalomról és a második alkalomról is megjelent egy rövid eseménybeharangozó a honlapon.

Online Magyar Operációkutatási Szeminárium (OMOSZ) című szemináriumsorozat indítása (4 előadás): 2021. február 2, március 2, április 6, május 4. Az első előadás beharangozója itt elérhető.

NeTI Lab (Laboratory for Networks, Technology & Innovations)

  • Colleagues of NeTI Lab summarized the latest research findings, achievements and publications and they also outlined their research plans for 2021 on the online Advisory Board meeting (2 February 2021). Cesar A. Hidalgo and Pierre-Alexandre Balland, members of the Advisory Board, delivered their opinion and made important remarks on all the research projects. Dr. Gyula Vastag (vice-rector for research) and Dr. Zoltán Oszkár Szántó (head of CIAS) also participated in the meeting.

Eurázsia Központ

  • Eurázsia Kerekasztal című rendezvény: 2021. február 26. 15.00

Az Eurasia Review c. tudományos folyóirat elindítása és az első különszámához tartozó Call for Papers megjelenése magyar és angol nyelven. 

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