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Research Management Office News – March-June 2021

The Research Management Office (RMO) had an extremely busy semester despite the pandemic restrictions.

The Research Management Office (RMO) had an extremely busy semester despite the pandemic restrictions. You will read accounts of some of the events and projects we organised this semester under the Section “Past Events” and also the announcement of some upcoming opportunities in the Section “Future Events”. Nevertheless, we would like to call your attention to the following, very recent and/ or perhaps not so well-known projects as well.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The Summer 2021 Research Week took place online in the middle of June. We are proud of the number and quality of the sessions you delivered and the high number of colleagues who attended them. This was an excellent chance to share your work with other members of CUB Faculty and we strongly believe that the seeds of some new research collaborations were also sown during the week. Thank you for your contribution. Our shared hope is that we shall all be able to enjoy the next Research Week in January 2022 offline with everyone mingling in the University halls and corridors.

An opportunity open to all Institutes that the RMO developed and announced this semester is called “Research Seminar”. An excellent example of how to utilise the one million HUF/institute/year is the online research event organised at the Institute of Business Economics and its Research Centre for the Sports Business on 24 June, where Professor Pamela Wicker (Professor for Sport Management and Sport Sociology‬) of the University of Bielefeld is going to give a lecture in the morning and in the afternoon workshop she will provide the authors of some work in progress with her constructive expert advice. Follow this Institute’s example and apply for the extra financial research support through “workflow”.

The finishing touches are being applied to the “Corvinus Research Highlights” – a collection of the most outstanding publications by Corvinus authors in 2020. This publication has been compiled to be shared with the outside world and to present the recent gems of Corvinus research to them. The collection is now complete, the design is being finalised with the help of Corvinus Communications, and the next step is to distribute it among peer institutions.

Naturally, the Research Management Office is going to continue some of the projects started in the spring to offer researchers further support and opportunities in the autumn. Here is a brief account of what you can expect in the very near future: 

A training series entitled “Research A-Z” is being developed by RMO together with the Library right now. The pilot programme will be offered as a module-based course and will target researchers/teachers who would like to get an overview of the research process from design through execution to communication in a very practical manner, with hands-on exercises for all stages of the research process, and an opportunity to utilise refreshed and new ideas in their own research or when supervising students. More on this when we come back for the new academic year.

The “workflow” system through which researchers can apply for financial support for research-related activities is currently being redesigned. The new workflow platform will be available from early autumn and researchers will be positively surprised to see the uncomplicated way it can be used.

o Similarly, the Research website is undergoing a facelift. You will find it easier to navigate around the page and much less effort will be required to locate the information needed for your research, be it downloadable documents, project details or names and data. See you there very soon.

A project that proved popular earlier this year is going to be announced in a revised format in the autumn. The modifications to be introduced in Corvinus Research Excellence 2022 (CKK-22) are based on the experience gained from the pilot CKK-21 award and all planned changes seem to suggest that more researchers have more chances to apply and win next year.

A never-before-seen opportunity to experience a different academic and research atmosphere at some Anglo-Saxon universities is offered by the Corvinus Professional Acculturation Programme (C-PAP). We strongly believe that we are now only a few inches away from completion and the programme will hopefully be announced in the autumn with the first winners taking up their oversees posts after the pandemic restriction are lifted worldwide in 2022.

On Friday, 24 September we are going to join a host of European researchers in celebrating research by bringing it close to the people, particularly young people. This Kutatók éjszakája/Researchers’ Night will be very close to the start of the semester so please start thinking about what topic you wish to talk about to present an academic’s life as inspiring and worthwhile. We will be in touch with you very soon, so please look out for our emails/news in Corvinus hírek.

Finally, let us call your attention to the fact that the next issue of the Research Newsletter will be published soon after the start of the semester. We are already aware of some conferences and other events which will take place during the summer. If you would like to share your news with your fellow researchers, please send us (nora.kelecsenyi@uni-corvinus.hu) your summaries by 10 September the latest. A reminder will be sent in late August. 

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