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Reminder for password renewal

Please change your password.

Dear Colleague, 


We would like to notify you that the passwords used at Corvinus University of Budapest are only valid for one year. The annual password change and the more complicated password is needed to protect the privacy of your data.   


After the deadline of the annual password change every service will be suspended and will not be available until you change password. You can change and check the expiration date of your password at our CUSMAN system available at 


The security audit at the University pointed out the dangers of weak and old passwords. 
During quarantine the need of a stronger password is even more important since we all have to work from home office. 

Besides, there has been a noticeable growth in the number of incoming blackmailing spams containing old passwords collected from other sites (e.g. from LinkedIn). 

 In order to increase the security of your data, the IT Center set the lifespan of passwords at a maximum of 1 year. It is the longest expiration date recommended.  

The new password must consist of at least 8 characters, including lowercase, uppercase letters and numbers. 


Since April 12th, 2019 upon logging into a university computer, a banner has warned colleagues, whose password is getting close to expiration. 


Since March 16th, 2020 a new process has been introduced. An automatic reminder email is sent out 60 and 14 days before the expiration date of the password. Please, take these reminders seriously because after the expiration the services will be suspended AUTOMATICALLY, without any human interaction. 

Those who try to access network of the University from home (VPN, webmail), can check the validity of their password at cusman.uni-corvinus.hu. 


How can you unlock your password after suspension? 


·         Change your password at cusman.uni-corvinus.hu. The site is still enabled for you despite suspension and it is available from any device and from any network.  

·         You can ask for a new password personally at IT Helpdesk (ISZK customer service). You have to handle and provide a valid photo ID (ID, student card or passport). 

·         If you have a phone number previously registered in Cusman, you can also call us, and after verifying your personal data with you we can send you a new password in a text message (SMS).  

The safety of your university account is important for numerous reasons: 

Sensitive information that are used for work as well as personal data can be found in your account.  

Your account might be used for other services like restoring passwords, identity verification. 

If someone gets his hands on your log-in data without authorization, it can start a chain of abuses causing rather uncomfortable situations to both the University and the user. 


To avoid this, use a strong and unique password! 


Please consider these recommendations when creating a new password: 


·         Use a unique password for your uni account. Do not reuse a password that’s already used on other sites (like Gmail, Facebook, etc.)  

·         Do not use a single word or a common catchphrase 

·         Use a password that cannot be associated with you. That means don’t use the names of family members, friends, pets, your birthday, etc.) 


Safety is important for all of us, because a single hacked account can cause serious problems! 

Thank you for your cooperation!  

IT Center 

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