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Refinitiv Eikon –100 User licenses, access is not restricted for one-week

We are pleased to announce, that from 1 March, 2023 the number of user licenses for Eikon database has been expanded from 3 to 100 to which 50 Datastream licenses have also been added.

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Eikon includes a huge range of financial ratios, the whole stock market, fixed income securities (market movements, research, analysis and settlement bundled in one location), detailed information on money and foreign exchange markets in conjunction with customised analysis tools.

The database has been widely used by Corvinus community in recent years, with 70-80 active users per year. As a result of current expansion shared licenses access will be avoidable.

The database’s name has been slightly changed, look for it under Refinitiv Workspace for Students (Eikon+Datastream) in our database list where additional content and technical information can also be found.

As usual, please indicate your license request at, adding also the desired length of access (e.g. 1 week, 1 month, end of semester, etc.). Service is restricted for Corvinus community, applicants must possess a Corvinus email address.

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