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Rector Application Announced at Corvinus – Summary of the Board of Trustees and Senate Meetings

The application documentation will be published by the Maintainer on the University's website

At its meeting on 25 February 2021, the Maecenas Universitatis Corvini Foundation, which maintains the University, decided to announce a rector application in accordance with the legislation in force, as the mandate of the current rector expires on 30 June 2021. The application documentation will be published by the Maintainer on the University’s website by the end of March 2021.


Information regarding the Senate meeting

The Senate decided on the Senate assessment procedure related to the election of the Rector and the Senate Committee conducting the assessment at its extraordinary meeting on February 23. In addition to the two agenda items, amendments to the Institutional Development Plan were also discussed. As a starting point for the rector election process, the Senate decided on the procedure and the body reviewing the applications.

The Senate elected the ad hoc committee reviewing the applications through a secret ballot. The Committee develops the Senate assessment system, draws up detailed assessments on valid applications, and submits them to the Senate. Based on those, the Senate decides on the applicant(s) to be nominated for appointment to the Maintainer based on the management programme presented, the applicant’s performance to date, and their achievements.

The Senate elected university professor and head of the Institute for the Development of Enterprises Dr Miklós Virág as the chairman of the Committee. University professor and head of the Institute of Communication and Sociology Dr Petra Aczél, who is a permanent guest of the Senate delegated by the Heads of Institute Meeting, became a member of the Committee.

Senate member and university professor of the Institute of Mathematical and Statistical Modelling Dr Erzsébet Kovács, and university professor and head of the Institute of Finance and Accounting and Business Law Dr János Lukács were also elected into the committee. The fifth member of the committee is rector emeritus, university professor of the Institute of International, Regional and Political Studies and Chairman of the University Doctoral Council Dr Zsolt Rostoványi.

It is the duty and right of the President of the Senate to makerecommendations for committee membership – stated Dr András Lánczi prior to the election of the Committee. I have also consulted with others and my fellow heads of institutes, and I have come to the conclusion that I would like to invite individuals from among the University’s highly respected and well-accomplished professors. – added the Rector of Corvinus.

The candidates will also present their programmes to University citizens

In his speech, the head of the Organisation Dr Gábor Toronyai said that the Higher Education Act gives the Maintainer the right to elect the rector, but in his opinion this is not right, “the Senate should have a stronger licence, but this is the legal situation at the moment”. Dr Gábor Toronyai also discussed how the rector candidates will present their rector’s programme, and whether the ad hoc committee will provide the opportunity for the candidates to present themselves to the broader public of the University.

According to Dr András Lánczi, he responded: The introduction of the candidates is of course part of the process, the university citizens will have the opportunity to listen to the candidates.

The Institution Development Plan will be amended later

The amendment to the Institution Development Plan (IDP) has been removed from the agenda. Director of Strategy Márton Barta explained this by the fact that the planning of the next EU budget cycle has started, and this will also require the amendment of the IDP of Corvinus. However, consultations with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology have only recently been concluded, therefore the amendments may only be adopted by the Senate at a later date. 

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