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Recent Publications of the Institute of Management

Department of Management and Organization 

Colleagues at the Department of Management and Organization, Zoltán Csedő and Máté Zavarkó have published the following articles recently: 

  • On using P2G technology as part of the circular economy development and decarbonization in wastewater treatment, where authors find that P2G implementation could not only decrease CO2 emission, but also contributes to the reuse of byproducts and the coupling of electricity and gas sectors: Zavarkó, Máté ; Csedő, ZoltánKörkörös gazdaságfejlesztési és dekarbonizációs lehetőségek a power-to-gas technológia magyar szennyvíztisztító telepeken való alkalmazásával. Hidrológiai Közlöny 101 : 3 p. 60 (2021) 
  • In his most recent research, examining the potential to increase the competitiveness of the energy sector and its organizations through a Power-to-Gas innovation ecosystem, the author focuses on network-based innovation management and the competitiveness in the Hungarian energy sector: Zavarkó, Máté: Power-to-gas, hálózatos innovációmenedzsment és versenyképesség a magyar energiaszektorban, Energiagazdálkodás 62 : 2021 különszám, p. 15. (2021) 


Department of Organizational Behaviour 

Colleagues at the Organizational Behaviour have published two notable journal articles recently:   

  • Q2 journal article „Radical changes in the lives of international professional women with children: from airports to home offices” of Henriett Primecz has been accepted by Journal of Global Mobility. The author discovers the impact of restrictions connected with the COVID-19 pandemic on the work and life of international professional women with children. Qualitative, explorative research was conducted with twelve international professional women, who were professional women with children under 12; semi-structured online interviews were used. The radical decrease in international travel combined with an increase in online work and the increased demand of parenting resulted in work overflow, temporary re-traditionalisation of gender relations and a radical decrease in international mobility with respect to future prospects. The exceptional case of the COVID-19 pandemic generated the need to understand the new situation, especially in the life of mobile professionals and women with small children. A large-scale crisis like the pandemic-related lockdown has had a tremendous effect on societies, including with regard to gender relations. Reflection will be needed in the aftermath of the crises and the gender equality achieved before the lockdown needs to be rebuilt. The article will be published in the Special issue of „GLOBAL MOBILITY IN TIMES OF GLOBAL CALAMITY: Covid-19 Reactions, Responses, and Ramifications for the Future of Work” in Journal of Global Mobility, edited by Benjamin Bader, Pia Faeth, Margaret Shaffer, Anthony Fee. 
  • Katul Yousef’s article Implementing language mandates: English as lingua franca in a Hungarian multinational company has been published in JEEMS. The Q3 article is available here:  https://www.nomos-elibrary.de/10.5771/0949-6181-2021-3-545/implementing-language-mandates-english-as-lingua-franca-in-a-hungarian-multinational-company-volume-26-2021-issue-3?page=1 


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