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Questionnaire regarding the current epidemic situation

Important questionnaire in the Neptun system

Dear Students,

We kindly ask for your cooperation in filling the questionnaire available on Neptun called as “COVID questionnaire”. Only those students will be entitled to semester registration – including course registration – who have previously completed the questionnaire. Filling in the questionnaire is needed to reduce the risks of coronavirus infection.

The questionnaire was prepared at the request and under the guidance of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

We need to ask all our students for information about the evolution of the epidemic situation on some of the topics listed below with respect to the close past period (three days and two weeks), in accordance with the university measures aiming to mitigate the risks:

  • Health risks,
  • Travels abroad,
  • Receiving foreign guests

In the common interest of all of us, please complete the questionnaire, which is a requirement of registration to the fall semester. Accordingly the semester registration, including course registration, can be started (at the time assigned to the given course) only by those students who have filled in the questionnaire.

We will send you a Neptun message about the opening and availability of the questionnaire. In order to make the course registration smooth during the registration period starting from the 31st August, it is of outstanding importance NOT to fill in the questionnaire DURING the registration period.

We kindly ask you to fill in the questionnaire in the period 27-30th August 2020, preferably as soon as possible, thereby making the course registration possible from the date 31st August.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you a successful semester!

Kind regards,

Corvinus University of Budapest

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem


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