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Past Events and Conferences attended by CIAS researchers

Laboratory for Networks, Technology and Innovation (NeTI Lab)

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

NETI Lab postdoctoral fellow Orsolya Vásárhelyi gave a talk on the Day of Hungarian Science (Magyar Tudomány Ünnepe) 

NETI Lab postdoctoral fellow Orsolya Vásárhelyi participated in an online roundtable entitled ‘Mentoring women in science’ on 15th of November 2021. The event was organized in connection with the Hungarian Science Festival (Magyar Tudomány Ünnepe). 

Orsolya Vásárhelyi talked about her recently published papers: Gender inequities in the online dissemination of scholars’ work. The event was held in Hungarian, and it was free to join via zoom. More information about the program is available here: https://tab.mta.hu/index.php?cID=6024     


Virág Ilyés (NeTI Lab) at the Annual EALE Conference

The EALE Annual Conference of the European Association of Labour Economists was held between 16-18 September 2021 where Virág Ilyés presented her research on the Mobility and gendered effects of co-workers. 

Corvinus Centre for Operations Research (CCOR) 

The 12th Mathematics and Computer Science Online Conference 

The 12th Mathematics and Computer Science Online Conference was organized between the 12th and 13th of November.  


The members of CCOR participated in the conference. There was a special section in memory of Prof. Gábor Kassay from Cluj-Napoca, who passed away this year. Tibor Illés, Miklós Pintér and Petra Renáta Rigó held presentations in this special section.  Furthermore, Marianna Eisenberg-Nagy and the PhD students of CCOR members also presented their results at this conference.  


Hungarian Science Festival: Game theory  

Game theory lecture series was organized in the framework of Hungarian Science Festival on the 5th of November. Members of CCOR also took part in this event. 

From CCOR Tamás Solymosi and Miklós Pintér presented their results in the field of game theory on this event. 


Quantum information and optimization hybrid workshop  

 The Quantum information and optimization hybrid workshop was organized between 26-27th October in Pécs. CCOR was member of the organizing committee of this workshop together with the Department of Quantum Optics and Quantum Informatics of Wigner Research Centre for Physics and the Hungarian Operations Research Society.  


The aim of the workshop was to facilitate the communication between the Hungarian operations research and quantum informatics communities. From CCOR Marianna Eisenberg-Nagy and Petra Renáta Rigó held presentation about semidefinite and symmetric cone programming.  


Stody + Games 

The Meeting on Games, Stochastics and Dynamics, Stody + Games was organized in Budapest between 6th and 7th October. Miklós Pintér, member of CCOR was in the organizing committee.  


The aim of this event was to bring together researchers who work on mathematical questions related to stochastic and dynamic features of games. The meeting included several talks in this area and a poster session. 


16th International Symposium on Operations Research (SOR’21) 

The 16th International Symposium on Operations Research (SOR’21) was organized in Bled, Slovenia between 22nd and 24th September 2021 in online form. The members of CCOR also participated in this event. 

CCOR and the Department of Operations Research and Actuarial Sciences received special praise from the chair of the programme committee of the conference for organizing high quality stream including 12 presentations. From CCOR Tibor Illés, Marianna Eisenberg-Nagy, Petra Renáta and Tamás Solymosi presented their most recent results. Furthermore, several publications of the CCOR members appeared in the SOR conference proceedings.  

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