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Mutaz Al-Shafeey is awarded ‘Best Paper Presentation’ at the annual FIKUSZ conference

Mutaz Al-Shafeey, final year PhD student at the Doctoral School of Economics, Business and Informatics has been awarded ‘Best Paper Presentation’ award at the annual FIKUSZ conference for his work titled “Tech mining analysis: renewable energy forecasting using Artificial Intelligence technologies”.

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FIKUSZ (Symposium for Young Researchers International Conference – Fiatal Kutatók Szimpóziuma) is an international English language conference organized successfully by University of Óbuda since 2010 (https://kgk.uni-obuda.hu/fikusz). This event is specifically intended to offer an opportunity for PhD students and Postdoc researchers from various fields (such as economy, information systems, engineering, and others) to present their work – and see research done by other young scientists. Mutaz has been participating in this conference series ever since he has been a student with Corvinus – and this is a great achievement among his peers. Every year more and more papers have been presented – it was no different this year either with 55 papers in 11 sessions (out of 68 papers submitted), so coming first in such a large field of competition is no easy feat. His supervisor is Prof. Csaba Csáki (Institute of Informatics).


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