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Research Centre for Supplier and Industrial Development


The main tasks of the research center include conducting research to support the effective and forward-looking development of SMEs in key sectors such as automotive, logistics, and pharmaceuticals, which constitute a significant portion of the domestic industrial production. Additionally, the we focus on continuously integrating research findings into education, building and leveraging industrial relationships, and keeping university and scientific community stakeholders informed about the research areas.

Advancing Industrial Digitalization

„We aim to develop the IPAMS (Industrial Process Analysis and Monitoring System), a manufacturing monitoring and analytics system that builds on Industry 4.0 solutions to advance domestic industrial digitalization.”

Research Centre for Supplier and Industrial Development

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center

  • Pál Lukács (Pannon University),
  • Péter Illyés (BME),
  • Barna Hanula (Széchenyi István University)


We are proud to have developed an IT system/software in collaboration with multiple consortium partners, enhancing our technological capabilities and fostering significant partnerships across the industry.

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Previous partnerships

Technische Universitat München

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