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Corvinus Centre for Operations Research


The research we conduct focuses on the following areas: game theory, convex optimization theory, algorithms and applications, interior point algorithms for linear complementarity problems, algorithms and applications for multi-objective optimization problems and operations research.

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center


Illés, T., Rigó, P. R., & Török, R. (2023). Unified approach of interior-point algorithms for P∗(κ)-lcps using a new class of algebraically equivalent transformations.

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 1-23.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Dombi, J., & Rigó, P. R. (2023). The construction of multidimensional membership functions and its application to feasibility problems.

Fuzzy Sets and Systems469, 108634.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Darvay, Z., Illés, T., & Rigó, P. R. (2022). Predictor-corrector interior-point algorithm for P*(κ)-linear complementarity problems based on a new type of algebraic equivalent transformation technique.

European Journal of Operational Research298(1), 25-35.


The members of CCOR are active in teaching and supervising graduate students at the Corvinus University of Budapest. We organize monthly workshops and events to provide expertise and disseminate our research results.

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