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If you want to ace self-management skills 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Program director: Blaskovics Bálint 

Program instructor: Czifra Julianna: 

Length of program: 16  hours 

Language of the program: English

Tuition fees: gross 197 000 HUF (including 27% VAT)

Qualification offered by the program: Improving self-management skills of project managers, including social and emotional intelligence, stress management and relationship management skills.”

Timing of the program:

  • 12th of November from 1 P.M. 5×45 minutes
  • 19th of November from 1 P.M. 5×45 minutes
  • 26th of November from 1 P.M. 6×45 minutes

The program will be launched if sufficient applicants apply.

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Our programme is perfect for...

The program is primarily recommended to project management practitioners, with or without PMP certification.  

Topics of the module

  • Introduction to self-management (definition, skills, competencies, relevance in project management)  
  • Manage Self – Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, self-assessment, self-control)  
  • Manage Others – Social Intelligence + discussion (social awareness & empathy, organisational awareness, relationship management, program closing discussion + feedback) 

Admission requirements

There are no admission requirements, advantage if participants have international experience at work

Welcome to the Self-Management Program!

Throughout this course, we will delve into strategies and insights that enable project managers to navigate their roles with precision and success. 

With us, you will participate in dynamic discussions, introspective activities, and skill-building exercises.  

Embrace this opportunity with a curious and open mindset, recognizing that mastering self-management skills is an investment in your professional growth.  

Best regards, 
Blaskovics Bálint 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Blaskovics Bálint
Program director

About the instructor

Corvinus University of Budapest

Julianna Czifra

Julianna Czifra is an internationally certified project manager (PMP), executive coach (PCC), and an organizational psychologist. She has 10 years of experience in the field of project, program and portfolio management, and 8 years in leadership, team and organizational development, and she was awarded ‘Project Manager of the Year’ in 2013 for her achievements in project management. She’s a member of faculty at the Project Management department of Corvinus University of Budapest, lecturing on the importance of social and emotional intelligence, and leadership skills in projects, and she teaches leadership psychology at the Psychology Department of Debrecen University. She holds a French master’s degree in management and a Hungarian master’s degree in psychology and currently pursues postgraduate studies in leadership psychology at BME and PhD studies in organizational psychology at the University of Debrecen.

After the certificate

  • Understand key concepts, models and tools of self-management, emotional and social intelligence, and their application for project management. 
  • Explore the possible causes of stress in projects and their effects on performance.  
  • Identify key self-development areas. 
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